Discover real-time location using
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or UWB
Engage your audience using iBeacon,
Eddystone and proximity campaigns
Location Analytics
Get deep and broad insights into location
data, such as foot traffic metrics

Wireless Hardware
for Real-time




B2B and B2C solutions in
the following areas:
  • Operational intelligence
    Advanced analytics and automated decision
    making for businesses, like retail or entertainment.
  • Mobile marketing automation
    Enhanced proximity marketing, contextual
    advertising, mobile loyalty and indoor
    guidance services.
  • security solutions
    Asset and personnel tracking, access control,
    assistance and emergency scenarios for
    venue visitors and others.
Platform Overview
Customers and Partners
  • Leantegra is a real Game Changer to the business of movie theatres.
    Cinema City, Israel
  • We find Leantegra's product and service offerings very useful in terms of our plans and ambitions on the market.
    Cheil, Ukraine
  • The industry’s first complete multi-channel RTLS platform
    Artem Goloskevych
    Head of Design and Architecture Group
  • By providing a unified platform to deliver in­store analytics and services, Leantegra is well on its way to become a major player in the retail space. Combined with Lucid Video Analytics, we believe that we have the most comprehensive solution for retailers.
    Khalid Shaka
    Managing Director at Lucids
  • Leantegra is a really innovative company that can conquer and change the world of fashion. For the successful business, the designer's creativity cannot be enough, smart omni-marketing strategy is crucial nowadays to provide the seamless experience between clients and the brand. Leantegra can truly support marketers with the data and insights about clients' behavior to deliver the best service possible.
    Yana Bushmeleva
    Fashionbi COO
  • Leantega's solutions such as real­-time people tracking or interaction with them through different marketing channels are what shopping malls need today to increase foot traffic, customer satisfaction and retention.
    Yulia Vanchenko
    Marketing Director at ArtMall