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Effective: June 30, 2017


Leantegra Inc, a Delaware corporation registered office: 2711 Centerville Rd, Wilmington, DE 19808, (“Leantegra.com”, “Leantegra”, “us”, “our”, or “we”) works on ensuring that the leantegra.com website and ecosystem comprise a safe environment for both website visitors and customers. To allow you to view the Leantegra website (“Site”) content, as well as to enable online transactions and payment, we need to collect and store some information. We are committed to provision of high quality service and content, and respect your personal privacy rights. Thus, we undertake all actions in an effort to ensure your personal and business privacy, and we only use your data to provide a response to your request (including the fulfillment and completion of your requested transaction), and to meet other goals which are stated in this policy.


The Leantegra Privacy Policy (herein the “Policy”) sets out all personal data processing practices that apply to the Leantegra.com website and the Leantegra products, solutions and services (herein “Services”). The Policy also includes a reference to the Leantegra Terms of Sale and Service Agreement and directly applies to this Policy. When you are r browsing the Leantegra website or using it to complete a transaction, you fully accept the rules under which Leantegra collects, uses and discloses personal information, which are described in this Policy. You are encouraged to review this Policy since it influences your rights and liabilities. In case you do not agree with the points stated in this Policy, please do not browse or purchase from the Leantegra website.

Customer Data

Data You Provide: When you fill out a form on the Site, purchase Leantegra products online, take part in a survey, or in any other way submit your personal data to us, Leantegra may accumulate and process the following information: your name, telephone number, your company name and position, your email and posting address. When processing an online payment, we will collect shipping and billing address(es), your card details: number, cardholder name, card number, expiry date and the Card Security Code (CSC). However, we will not store your card details on any of our internal resources / databases, but transfer it instantly to PayPal for further processing. You will know when we gather your data through the Leantegra website, as you will both (i) provide your data on one of the Site’s web pages, and (ii) authorize your data to be sent to us.


Data we Collect: Leantegra Inc. may gather information from your device: it’s type, IP address, the browser you are using, OS (operating system), as well as the referral site from which you entered the Leantegra website. We may also track your online behavior data, including the time of your visit, your online activity at our website (the Leantegra website pages you viewed, the time you spent visiting the Leantegra website, as well as the frequency of your visits).

Third Party Involvement

As a result of the methods by which Leantegra processes are arranged, we often rely on certain external services from third party providers (servers, databases, third party software). Therefore, Leantegra does not bear the responsibility for any privacy issues caused by involvement of the third parties. Each third party should take full responsibility for creation and administering of the privacy of the information and documents that it collects.

Usage of the Collected Data

Leantegra Inc. utilizes such concepts as “using” and “processing” of data and understands: collection, storage, evaluation, use, transfer, disclosure, or removal of the information within our company, or internationally.

Personal Information

We process your Personal Information with the following intentions: (1) to execute your product / services orders; (2) to provide responses to your questions and support; (3) to enhance your experience; (3) to understand your requirements and wants; and (4) to provide personalized offers which are relevant for you through targeted advertising, emailing and other marketing campaigns.

Cookies and Other Technologies

Cookies are small files which are received from a web server and are either stored on your web browser until its expiry date, or until the end of each session. Leantegra uses cookies to: (1) analyze online user behavior and improve the Site’s usability, including counting the numbers of your visits to our website; (2) provide e-commerce capabilities; and (3) personalize the Site’s experience including targeted ads which might be relevant for you. You may not agree to accept cookies. However, you will then not be able to access certain functionality that we have on our Site. In addition, every web browser allows to manage your cookie settings and preferences.

The Leantegra website allows to ‘Share’ – for Facebook, ‘Tweet’ – for Twitter, ‘Reddit’ – for Reddit and ‘Share’ – for Google+ content on certain Site’s pages. These social media features (buttons) may gather some website visitor-related (IP address, page visits) information. The actions connected to the social media features are covered by the policy of the company which enables them.

Information Sharing and Disclosure

Leantegra Inc. may share or disclose the information received from you with third parties, such as (1) Leantegra Inc. subsidiaries, suppliers and service providers to enable smooth operation, processing of online payments and shipment of orders; (2) in a response to any legal process which will under the law require us to share / disclose the information; (3) your data will be treated as assets in case of acquisition, merger, sale or bankruptcy of our company; (4) in all other cases we will share / disclose your data upon your consent.

Information Updating and Deleting

If you are willing to amend or completely delete the personal information connected with your account or product / service request, please send us a message at contact@leantegra.com

Security of Your Information

We understand the high importance of your information security. Therefore, we undertake all possible measures (including organizational, physical and electronic) to ensure safety and security of the data we collect from the website visitors. However, there is no system which can guarantee 100% security. As a result, in case our system suffers a breach of security, we will conduct a thorough review and systems analysis to find the reasons and inform all our customers about this event. In any case, you are responsible for the security and privacy of your CVO Portal (Leantegra web interface) account.

International Transfer

Your personal data may be processed on desktop or mobile devices (computers), which are located outside of your country of origin. However, Leantegra undertakes all measures in order to ensure full compliance with the privacy legislation adopted in the USA and the EU. When you fill out an online form, or perform an online payment, you automatically agree that your data may be processed on the territory of another country.

Links, and Third Party Sites and Services

The Leantegra Site incorporates several links to third party websites. These third party websites may offer certain services to end-users. Leantegra does not bear responsibility for the privacy of information that you submit on these resources. Therefore, we recommend you to familiarize with the Privacy Policy practices adopted on these sites.

Children’s Information

Leantegra’s Site, as well as the products and services included on the Site, are not intended for children’s’ use. We do not knowingly accumulate any data from children under the age of 13. If you think that we might have gathered some information from children under the age of 13, please let us know at contact@leantegra.com and we will delete this data from our databases and other applicable resources, if any.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to review and make amendments to this policy. When the changes are made, we will publish the new version of the Privacy Policy on our Site.

Contact us

For any additional questions or inquiries about the Privacy Policy, please send us an email at contact@leantegra.com

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