Alerting Services

Enable location-aware alerts for employees or visitors and process them with SLA-compliant workflows.

Developed in partnership with Lifestyle Panel.

Three options for triggering alerts

Alerts Icon_WiBeatCreated with Sketch.

Button press on Leantegra WiBeat devices

Can be localized with BLE RTLS, UWB RTLS or Mobile Apps.

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UI buttons in a mobile app

Can be localized using Leantegra Mobile SDK and BLE beacons.

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Third-party devices and API integration

REST API of the alerting services can be invoked for CVO Portal integration.

Advanced processing in CVO Portal

  • List, map, filter and search the alerts by different parameters.
  • Alert processing through standard or custom workflows.
  • Background timers for SLA compliance and escalations.
  • Assign trackables, such as people or assets, to each alert.
  • Visual notifications, e-mails or SMS for the alert statuses.
  • Optional: analytics and custom reporting for the alert records.  

Alerting Services

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