BLE Zone Tracking: Hardware Variety

Earlier we’ve made some posts about 3rd-party hardware support for BLE proximity marketing. Yes, you can plug any BLE beacons into Leantegra CVO Platform for mixing, slicing and dicing your existing beacons with Leantegra beacons in all possible ways:

  • Battery-powered beacons

  • USB-powered beacons

  • Rugged beacons for outdoor or industrial environments

  • BLE beacons with LoRa / SigFox support or another backhaul connectivity

  • Wi-Fi access points with BLE beaconing features etc.

No limits for hardware choices with your next proximity marketing campaigns based on CVO Platform.

Now let’s cover briefly another use case for 3rd-party BLE hardware – Zone Tracking.

Sometimes there is no need in location tracking with a high accuracy and (X, Y) coordinates. The so-called “zone tracking” and “room-level location accuracy” are suitable for multiple scenarios:

  • Employee presence / time tracking for certain rooms or corridors.

  • Larger equipment tracking, such as forklifts, inside factory spaces.

  • Combining RFID badges together with BLE cards for access control and location analytics in one solution.

Such scenarios might accept the location tracking accuracy of 5-7 meters, which is a typical accuracy of BLE Zone Tracking. Despite there is an option to improve accuracy towards 3-4 meters by configuring TX Power for BLE beacons.

With BLE Zone Tracking you need just a single BLE anchor (WiRange) device per zone – comparing to RTLS installations, where you need 3-4 BLE anchors per zone.

So which devices are supported for BLE Zone Tracking? Any BLE device from any vendor, which is compliant with iBeacon standard – please check the above photo for device examples:

  • Leantegra beacons – WiBeat devices

  • BLE cards or badges with RFID tags

  • Other BLE beacons, such as Estimote or devices

  • BLE stickers, trackers or bracelets

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