Demonstration of the new Track App for People and Asset Tracking Scenarios

Leantegra welcomes the new Track app for people and asset tracking scenarios (available on App Store and Google Play). Therefore, we decided to record a video in order to showcase the core functionality of the mobile application and the most popular use cases. Enjoy the video!

Below you may see the video script:

Hi all, I’m Olga. In this video, I would like to show you the new Leantegra mobile application, called the Track app. It is a great tool for all those whose job requires establishing people and asset management processes on a very high level, and those who are involved in the monitoring of personnel or movable assets on an everyday basis.

Are you working for a Warehouse, Store, Hospital, Factory or Plant? If yes, then one of your usual activities may involve searching for different types of assets, like equipment, devices, and tools; or people – nurses, doctors, guards or workmen. And, the time which it takes you to find them can be significantly reduced, and therefore – used more efficiently.

The Track app can help you do this!

Ok, let me show you how it works. I am logging in using our demo credentials. The first screen is split into two sections: Persons and Assets, which means that by switching between them one can perform a search for different types of trackables. So, here I can see all people who are tracked in this specific location.

By tapping on one of them, I can see a person’s real-time positioning displayed on the venue map. By swiping up, a profile for this person opens up, providing such information as the location tag assigned to this person’s status, current position, department, supervisor, etc. In order to start looking for an asset, I go back to the first screen, switch to assets and see the full list.

To find a metal detector, I start typing in ‘metal detector’ and the three devices, which our system tracks, appear on the screen. I tap on this trackable to see its real-time location on the map. Then by swiping up, I see a location tag’s status, indoor positioning, department and the person responsible for this device.

Last but not least is the ‘Blink’ button which activates the BLE location tag’s LED flash and can help you find the necessary object much faster.

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