Exploring Indoor Navigation in Museums and Exhibit Halls

In one of the previous blog posts we discussed options for indoor navigation in shopping malls. Before going into the details of other use cases, let’s remember what the core components of the solution are:

  • WiBeat BLE beacons send out wireless signals.
  • A mobile app identifies the indoor position of a user by detecting beacon signals and calculating the distance to each device.
  • CVO Portal enables uploading an indoor map and the management of beacon infrastructure.
  • Mobile SDK provides indoor mapping and navigation functionality.

Indoor Navigation for Museums

Introduction of a new disruptive technology can change the way people perceive museums. Instead of being a place where a visitor can get lost and struggle to obtain further information about a specific museum piece, it can offer a unique interactive experience.

The solution is simple – take a ready Pilot application, add some branding to it, upload a venue map, indicate all exhibits and configure informative push notifications, which are to arrive once a person approaches a display. In addition, visitors will be able to easily locate a painting or a sculpture inside a museum and find a route to it.

  • Benefits for museum management:

The general image of a museum will be improved since visitors will start thinking of it as a modern place which supports and eagerly integrates the latest tech solutions. By using Proximity Location Analytics based on BLE beacons, the museum management will gain additional insights into visitor behavior, and understand what collection items generate the most interest.

  • Benefits for visitors:

The Indoor Navigation and Proximity Marketing functionality will not only increase visitor location awareness, but provide instant access to any exhibit-related information.

Indoor Navigation for Exhibit Halls

When leasing a venue for an event, an expo hall can provide its organizers with a mobile app, which can leverage both indoor navigation and Proximity Marketing functionality. This mobile application will incorporate a detailed map with all exhibitor booths / brands clearly marked, and contain other points of interest, like souvenir shops, catering area, etc.

  • Benefits for an exhibition hall and event managers:

The exhibition hall will be able to rent out the mobile app to event managers, who, in turn will use it to drive engagement and improve the overall image of the event.

  • Benefits for event participants:

Exhibition participants will enjoy an additional opportunity to promote their brand and also their booth at the event. When letting the audience know about the upcoming event, they will encourage all visitors to download the app, since it is customer friendly and will help attendees find their booth indoors. The companies represented at the event will also be able to make use of Proximity Marketing, and create BLE campaigns to attract visitors to their product and invite them to visit their booth.

  • Benefits for visitors:

Visitors will be able to use the mobile map in order to get to know the location better, and, therefore, navigate more easily in an unfamiliar environment. They will also gain access to multiple general and location-based announcements delivered to their smartphones.

Watch out for our next blog post, where we will explore Indoor Navigation in an Indoor Parking area!

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