How to Launch Branded Proximity Marketing Campaign

Nowadays we have so many innovations that sometimes it feels like science fiction. Could we imagine that brand will somehow communicate with its customers? Give its own statements, positions, feedbacks, promises? Have a brand tone of voice? Today it sounds natural. Brands are not separated of their products, they are strongly involved in communications with clients 24/7. For instance, shopping mall can welcome you on board, inform about special offers and wish you an awesome day:



Why should you use branded proximity marketing campaigns?


  • Via branded campaigns it’s easier to deliver your message to the customer and start interaction.
  • Qualitative and innovative approach will positively affect a customer – give a good first impression and evoke positive associations with your brand.
  • Branded campaigns will bring positive attributes. What people think of when they hear or see a brand name? For example, most people think of safety when they think of Volvo, so “safety” is Volvo’s brand association. Make pleasant associations with your brand by using proximity marketing in offline communications, create your image as “helpful”, “relevant”, “easy-going” brand.


Online marketing gives a plenty of tools to improve customer journey, analyse it and improve again. Offline communications are not as simple to analyze. Almost all of them, except proximity marketing.


Powerful tool for content distribution is quite easy to deploy. Leantegra Proximity Marketing product is a complete solution you may use for your business. So, the whole set is:


  • Devices – BLE beacons (WiBeat BLE) with programmable button and remote management
  • Leantegra CVO portal – interface which facilitates all campaign-related actions, making the whole process simple. You create content, manage marketing campaign and  analyze collected data in the same web interface.


Proximity marketing solution does not necessarily work with application. New Google Nearby feature enables customers to get notification even if they do not have a special app. This newly implemented feature helps to interact almost with every user offline via smartphone phone or a tablet.


Branded Marketing campaign from scratch:


  • Buy BLE beacons, which are proximity marketing devices.Proximity Deployment Kit which enables Proximity Marketing installation in your venue with a Sandbox Proximity Marketing app and access to CVO Portal.
  • Tag beacons on Leantegra CVO Portal, a single interface for all your proximity marketing campaigns and analytical reports.
  • Create Content. You are able to promote any type of content: image, link (url), text or video. Visual part of your ad may also include your company logo, barcode, price, short message, detailed description, coupon ID etc.

Of course, before start dealing with content section you have to understand marketing campaign aims, KPIs and target audience of your product or service. Here we collected useful recommendations and steps to plan your proximity marketing campaign.

Your content may be displayed as an offer list or notification:


  • Set up marketing campaign “Rules”. When you are done with the content part, you need to customize marketing campaign with the set of rules. Rules make your communication with the customer relevant and efficient. Customize target zones (near, immediate, far), schedule days and time when ads will be active, frequency define how often push notifications will be delivered to a customer within a certain period in time, segments (allows the uploading of customer segments from a Customer Relationships Management (CRM).
  • Analyze reports. Leantegra CVO portal has general and customizable dashboards which give detailed overview of marketing campaign efficiency. You may easily experiment with the different sets of rules and find out optimal for the user segments of your brand.

Remember, that analytics and segmentation will be more precise if you have your own branded application – software for proximity marketing campaigns which helps to understand your customers behaviour and successfully interact with them. It’s natural, that before you will start developing your own branded app you would like to try how it works and see customized interface. In this case, Leantegra Pilot App will become a right solution for you. It was created for practical visualization of your branded marketing campaigns interface before launching proximity marketing project.


Take a ready-made mobile application, apply a bit of Leantegra software development special customized features and get a branded Proximity Marketing app that can be used from day 1 in your designated business environment.

Leantegra Pilot App is already available on Google Play and App Store.

We are also a brand which is happy to interact with its customers! So, feel free to ask your questions and request consultations about our product on


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