How Using your Smartphone Can Give Access to All Asset and Personnel Location Data

Any company’s success largely depends on the asset and personnel management process. Being able to easily locate an item’s or employee’s real time position significantly reduces the time required for completion of a task, and so – boosts the overall operational efficiency of your business; and in other cases – ensures the safety and security of all tracked objects.

With hundreds of tracking systems at hand, it seems like the problem is solved. But it is not since the majority of them are desktop based ones that are suitable for checking information while sitting at your desk only. So, when it comes to finding something or someone on-site, they will not be able to provide a positive user experience.

This is the exact reason why Leantegra created the Track App, a mobile application that accompanies the CVO Portal Trackables feature and is specifically tailored for asset and staff tracking use cases.

Leantegra Track App Functionality

The Track App provides information about all ‘trackables’ located in your venue. A trackable’s profile includes such data as name, location tag serial number, real-time position on the map, status (active / inactive), etc.

The Leantegra Track App allows you to find the trackable you need by using a convenient search bar or a ‘Blink’ button option. Once you are near an object, just press the button and it will activate a beacon’s LED flash that will help discover the accurate position of an item.

Of course, our team has made this application available on both Android and iOS platforms.

Leantegra Track App Use Cases

One can use the Track App in a number of business verticals and use cases. So, let’s review the most common ones.

  • Warehousing

In Warehousing, the process of finding an item or a container, especially when they are being moved around constantly, may be a difficult task and require too much time. Leantegra can help cope with this issue providing a mobile application that shows an item’s location on the map. A Blink’ button, in turn, will facilitate the process further, enabling a user to see the exact position defined by a beacon’s LED flash.

  • Healthcare

Leantegra provides healthcare facilities with a user-friendly mobile application to detect the real-time location of equipment, patients and medical staff. Using the Leantegra Track App, one can find a specific person or a device within a short time frame, which, in this particular industry, may result in saving someone’s life.

  • Manufacturing

For Manufacturing, Leantegra can help optimize inventory management, prevent thefts and ensure production process continuity by letting personnel detect the current positions of tools, equipment or some spare parts without any difficulty.

  • Airports

The Track App enables Airports to optimize staff management and ensure venue safety by tracking the current location of staff members and quickly finding specific staff members who can assist in case of emergency.

Additionally, using the CVO Portal Trackables section, one can have full control over the list of all tracked people and assets. This allows adding and deleting trackables from CVO Portal, changing their names or assigning different location tags to them. And since the two systems are synchronized – all changes will be automatically available from the mobile application.

The application is available on the App Store and Google Play.

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