Leantegra Features Gallery: Tour #1

To demonstrate our solutions more precisely, we decided to use less words and show more pictures. It’s a kind of short guide with matrix layout of fruitful and useful features for our customers.

We have chosen gallery format to present you the most efficient and user-friendly dashboards and functionality we are proud of.

So,  we are happy to invite you to Leantegra Features Gallery! 

Let’s start the first demonstration tour.

These two dashboards are CVO Portal (CVOP) screen shots.

In short, CVOP provides a single interface for both business users and developers to all data administration features of Proximity Marketing, RTLS and Location Analytics.

1. CVO Portal: Add Rule for Campaign

Solution: Proximity Marketing

When creating a Proximity Marketing Campaign you will definitely use this feature. After content is added and campaign is created you need to Add Rule, or in other words – identify campaign targeting. The more accurate and comprehensive information you provide in this table, the higher conversion you will achieve. So , to add a rule you need to:

  • Assign a certain WiBeat BLE beacon and choose the area where our rule will be active.

  • Assign content.

  • Identify whether content should be shown as a push notification or in the mobile app Offers list, or both.

  • Schedule days and time. Choose “frequency” – how often single notification will be displayed to a single user.

  • In case your company divides your customer base into segments – choose the particular segment you want to target. If necessary, target customers by demographic features, such as age and gender.

2. CVO Portal: Proximity Campaign Analytics ( Received/ Opened Offers) 

Solution: Proximity Marketing

This dashboard is one of the most popular among our users. It is simple and informative, helps to monitor amount of received, opened notifications and conversion rate.

Analyze which have the highest conversion rate and suggest new notifications format and content similar to the top ones.

If you pay much attention to the analytical part of marketing, have to make reports on daily basis and measure performance of your offline marketing campaigns, you would definitely take this report dashboard into consideration.

3. CVO Portal: Trackables section – Map with Trackables 

Solution: Real-time Location System

The Leantegra location tags – WiBeats BLE and WiBeats UWB – can be used for real-time asset tracking and location analytics. If attached to a moving asset, it demonstrates how assets change their positions within a specified area in real time.

You may track any objets important for your daily business operations – valuable assets or personnel – on your venue map.

Just imagine how much time and resources is possible to save if you are able to track an object on a map in real-time. Once tried this feature and it will become crucial for warehouses (vehicles and employee tracking), retail (shopping carts, employees tracking), healthcare (personnel and equipment tracking) etc.

4. Indoor Navigation (Map with ability to build indoor route)

Solution: Indoor Navigation

Enhance the visitor’s experience by helping them get around your venue.

Let Leantegra Indoor Positioning feature identify an accurate location of a user’s smartphone and display it on a mobile application venue map. A visitor may use this data as a Start Point of a route, or in order to familiarize with their surroundings.

Save your clients’ time and present bright customer experience by giving an opportunity to build routes in shopping malls, smart cities, exhibit halls, student campus or amusement parks.

5. Sandbox Application (Offer list)

Solution: Proximity Marketing (Leantegra Sandbox App)

An App which enables a user to familiarize with the Proximity Marketing solution, and assess it in a testing environment. Leantegra team created this app for testing purpose, though you are free to create your own app with our mobile SDK.

So when download Sandbox App and start launching proximity marketing campaigns on app scenario, you will test different layouts and notification info formats – image, video, URL. If tap on offer list you will see the short list of all notifications received. This feature is a great UX solution to figure out how customer may view the whole list of offers with names, tags, short notifications  and choose the most relevant ones.

Get familiar with Leantegra Sandbox (for Android, iOS) on Google Play and App Store.

6. Track App: Trackables,  Persons sections

Solution: RTLS (Leantegra Track App)

There are huge amount of industries which enormously depend on the asset and personnel management process. Being able to easily locate an item’s or employee’s real time position reduces the time required for completion of a task, and so – boosts the overall operational efficiency of your business. For other companies we may observe cases when tracking ensures the safety and security of all tracked objects and become crucial part of every-day business process.

This is the reason we created Leantegra Track App, a mobile application that accompanies the CVO Portal Trackables feature and is specifically tailored for asset and staff tracking use cases.

So, on the print screen you see how simple you may track personnel. In trackables you tap on persons section, then find an employee you would like to find an tap on the photo/icon with name.

By tapping on one of them,you see a person’s real-time positioning displayed on the venue map. By swiping up, a profile for this person opens up, providing such information as the location tag assigned to this person’s status, current position, department, supervisor, etc.

Right now, Track App (for Android, iOS) is available on Google Play and App Store.

The first tour of Leantegra Features Gallery comes to an end. Hope you enjoyed!

Our team would be delighted to support your further acquaintance with Leantegra solutions, feel free to write us at contact@leantegra.com

Stay tuned!

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