Leantegra: Key Updates in 2017

As we approach the equator of 2017 it might be a good time to summarize our recent achievements, current market trends and to provide a 'sneak peek' at some upcoming announcements here at Leantegra.

To start, we've been experiencing tremendous growth both in our sales funnel and in positive trends for Proximity Marketing and RTLS solutions in different markets and geographies. Our early successes in the Retail and Airports spaces have now been extended to the Industrial and Healthcare sectors where we see a strong demand for such type of solutions.

Unsurprisingly, the UAE is quickly becoming the second-largest market for Leantegra, with new opportunities presenting themselves almost every single day. Verticals include Smart City and Retail projects on a large scale. No need to mention that the UAE and Dubai in particular, is probably the most creative and aggressively innovative country in the world - and we're excited to be a part of their success.

The US still remains the number one geography for our company - our strategic efforts are strongly focused on this region, which is why in July we're opening our new office in NYC to support existing and new customers. Some of our Kiev team members will relocate to NYC within several weeks, and will be joined by local support in the form of new US hires.

By the way, we also have a running installation of Leantegra devices in a very prominent and iconic Lower Manhattan location, for one of our corporate customers ;-) Hopefully we will have a chance to provide you with more details soon!

Back to the Middle East, Turkey became our first major location for "employee safety" solutions deployed within mines. The first installation was successful - Leantegra devices are collecting location data of individual miners working 75 meters below ground level. Our Turkish clients are now planning their next RTLS installations with a potential to cover 500+ mines nationwide in total.

Another recent discovery was about Mexico, where we have new partners and projects in full swing. Mexico is a great country with a large potential for innovation. Our first projects are in the Retail space, but we're discussing some other verticals too.

Our customers in Ukraine had a positive experience with BLE Proximity Marketing solutions and now want to extend their installations to a larger scale in multiple locations. Some of them are discussing a "country scale" installation of 5000+ BLE beacons in Ukraine, which will hopefully happen during the next 6-12 months.

At the same time, we've been working hard to boost implementation of the product features, which you've been waiting for. Some lessons learned during large-scale customer installations in 2016-2017 have resulted in major enhancements to our products and processes:

  • Better deployment and configuration of BLE / Wi-Fi / UWB networks - for example: the recently developed 'Proximity Deployment Tool' mobile application.
  • Better experience for Proximity Marketing solutions - starting from the basic delivery of iBeacon / Eddystone notifications to more advanced targeting rules and analytics.
  • Complete redesign and reimplementation of our Data Warehouse and Analytics - now based on Impala, Hadoop and the new UI frameworks for CVO Portal. We now support 3rd-party BI tools, such as Tableau and PowerBI for advanced analytics. Some of our customers are using R programming language to play around with the location data generated from our device networks.
  • A new module in CVO Portal: 'Trackables' - to be used for asset and personnel tracking scenarios, there is a HUGE demand for this feature. The module includes a searchbox allowing for instant search of persons or assets within a venue.
  • Production-grade UWB RTLS with a commercial demo available today.
  • Major developments for the mobile SDK and the new mobile apps for out-of-the-box experience with zero / small customization efforts - both Android and iOS. Right now we have three mobile applications:
    • Leantegra Sandbox App - for technicians, IT engineers or enthusiasts, who evaluate Proximity Marketing use cases.
    • Leantegra Pilot App - consumer-facing application, which can be quickly customized and branded for our customers.
    • Proximity Deployment Tool - useful application for faster and higher quality installations of BLE beacons.

Our upcoming Release 1.6 in the second week of July will also provide a major upgrade to the CVO Platform. For sure, this upgrade will be available free-of-charge to all Leantegra customers.

Crossing fingers and looking forward to the next months in 2017!

P.S.: My personal discovery in year 2017 was about triathlon, running and swimming sports. In 4 months I've transitioned from a guy who was barely jogging 2 km in 15 minutes to running much longer distances (25+ km) with a much faster pace. Triathlon has become my passion already and I've started training for my first Ironman 70.3 championship, which will happen in the end of November in Australia. Exciting times and please stay tuned!

Jun 14, 2017
Oleg Puzanov, CEO and Co-Founder of Leantegra