Major FW Release for BLE Devices

Despite our recent move to the hardware-agnostic concept in the latest Release 1.9 of CVO Platform we continue improving our existing devices, such as WiBeat and WiRange.

Today’s release of firmware for BLE devices includes 86 resolved tickets – both improvements and fixes. Here is the summary of all changes:

  • Optimized battery consumption – up to 40% longer life for BLE beacons.

  • Eddystone TLM frames – improved monitoring of the battery status (correct values).

  • Calibrated ‘TX Power’ for BLE beacons – enhanced formula and calibration procedure.

  • Updated algorithm for BLE RTLS – data pre-processing on WiRange devices.

  • Introduced ‘TAG2’ mode for BLE beacons – extra parameters and accelerometer data for BLE RTLS.

  • Enabling a better antenna for BLE RTLS on WiRange devices.

  • Several instability issues for BLE beacons – such as reboots under certain conditions.

More than that, during the last 4 months we’ve been working on the new hardware release for WiBeat BLE, which is coming in December. It will be a completely new design based on BLE 5.0 SoC with 9-axis IMU (motion tracking) on board and 2+ times smaller PCB size.

The PCB shape itself is designed for both proximity marketing and bracelet-style BLE beacons. It means that it can be easily packed into any RFID rubber bracelets for the location tracking purposes.

Please stay tuned and don’t hesitate to contact us for any questions.

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