Release R11: The Largest Release is Here!

So here it comes! The eleventh major release of Leantegra CVO Platform, which is also the largest release ever in terms of the amount of features, changes and enhancements. We’ve been working on this release since August 2019, but some hardware-related tasks, such as WiBeat 2.0 development, started back in Q1 2019.

As always, our main goal is about providing better solutions and improved tools to our customers and partners. Some of the key improvements in Release R11 are the following ones:

  • Asset tracking and employee tracking solutions with lower costs and better quality.
  • Location-aware safety and alerting solutions – for employees, visitors, customers etc.
  • More flexible and easier RTLS installations – no cables, more connectivity choices, less infrastructure (with the new WiRange-C device).
  • Better performance for indoor navigation and the mobile SDK – less latencies, faster route generation etc.
  • Smarter power consumption for Leantegra devices – longer battery life, less recharging, lower costs.


The Long List of Changes:

WiBeat 2.0 device – official release:

  • BLE 5.0 beacon and location tag with motion recognition features.
  • Ready and optimized for RTLS and motion tracking applications.
  • The classic use cases for indoor navigation and proximity marketing are supported too.

WiRange-C device – official release:

  • Low-cost, low-power and compact BLE RTLS anchor and BLE-to-WiFi gateway.
  • BLE 5.1 chipset from Nordic.
  • “Forward RTLS” and “Reverse RTLS” operational modes.
  • USB power supply and serial connectivity.
  • WiRange-C is natively integrated with CVO Portal and all server-side features.

Major improvements to BLE RTLS and UWB RTLS:

  • IMU data fusion – reworked filters and algorithms for RTLS.
  • Power saving features for BLE and UWB.
  • Better NLOS quality for both BLE and UWB.

Implementation of the “reverse” RTLS mode – no cables:

  • Enabling RTLS installations without cables – lower costs, less efforts, less complexities.
  • Low-power RTLS anchor is used as a wearable and BLE beacons are mounted onto walls.
  • Works out-of-the-box with WiRange-C, BLE beacons and CVO Portal.

“Alerts” module for CVO Portal:

  • Triggering alerts with Leantegra beacons, 3rd-party devices or REST API.
  • Escalations for SLA-compliant workflows.
  • New UI for mapping, filtering and listing the alerts.
  • SMS and e-mail notifications.

Geofencing” improvements for CVO Portal:

  • The new API and database for geofencing records.
  • SMS and e-mail notifications.

“BLE Zone Tracking” improvements:

  • Radius visualizations and better configurations.
  • Better integration between BLE zone tracking and geofencing.

WiBeat UWB-H:

  • UWB location tag with a larger accumulator: 1800 mAh.
  • Up to 6 weeks on a single charge, even in TWR mode.

Motion recognition features for Leantegra beacons:

  • Machine learning library for motion based on 3-axis accelerometer.
  • Low-power execution with highly optimized code.
  • Training data and demo applications.

New features and updates for indoor navigation and the mobile SDK:

  • 10x performance improvement for indoor routing.
  • The new backend service and REST API for OSM maps.
  • Better handling of multi-floor routing and larger maps (e.g. shopping malls).
  • Fixes for accuracy and stability of indoor positioning and indoor routing in Android SDK and iOS SDK.

New features for the remote control of BLE beacons and RTLS anchors:

  • Added the remote LED blinking for BLE beacons – through REST API and WiRange.
  • Added the new UI for the remote configuration of RTLS anchors from CVO Portal (config files).

“Permissions” module for CVO Portal – UI for enabling or disabling modules per each role. 

Check It Out Today

The new release is available on the demo server already – please feel free to check or to request a demo session with our sales team:

You can also start ordering the samples of WiBeat 2.0 and WiRange-C devices, which are available for pilots and demonstrations.

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