Release R12: Available Now!

From the first days of 2020 we’ve been actively working on the next release of Leantegra CVO Platform – Release R12. This new version is a logical continuation of Release R11, which we published back in February 2020.


Despite all the challenges during the last months (you know them) we continued delivering projects to our customers. In parallel we kept enhancing Leantegra products by adding both features and fixes.


We also had a chance to dive deeper into several industry-specific solutions, such as location tracking for underground mines and retail warehouses. Our engineers worked closely with system integrators for underground mining, telecom operators and retail IT teams. This experience helped to develop more optimal features for industrial markets.

To keep the long story shorter – here is the list of changes for Release R12:


Advanced alerting and signaling over BLE 

  • Custom BLE protocols and the server-side REST API for triggering different visual, audio and haptic alerts on Leantegra devices.

  • Haptic – integrated vibro modules for Leantegra BLE beacons.

  • Visual – configurable protocol for LED signaling with BLE beacons or gateways.

  • Audio – buzzer alerts on BLE beacons or gateways

  • The alerting protocols are integrated with RTLS and Geofencing modules on Leantegra servers for location-based scenarios or API-triggered executions.


Mining and Industrial Hardware: ATEX, IP67

  • ATEX-compliant BLE beacons – reworked WiBeat 1.0 PCB design and housing, both ATEX and IP67 compliant.

  • WiRange-C board reworked for placing inside the cap lamps for miners.

  • Hardware support for the reverse RTLS architecture for mines and industrial environments.

  • Support for 3rd-party industrial BLE beacons, such as Confidex Viking, for RTLS scenarios.

  • Tested and piloted inside several underground mines with Wi-Fi and LTE connectivity.


LTE Cat-M1 and NB-IoT Support for RTLS

  • Available PCB design and software stack for WiRange-C supporting LTE-CatM1 and NB-IoT protocols based on nRF9160 chipset

  • Integrated into the common stack for the reverse / direct RTLS based on BLE.


MQTT Endpoint and Sensor Protocol

  • Integrated VerneMQ server supporting QoS0, QoS1 and QoS2 for MQTT data exchange.

  • Implemented endpoints and data formats for both RTLS data and different industrial sensors, such as methane, CO, pressure and temperature.

  • Modbus protocol support for sensors – both device firmware and server-side logic.


OTA Upgrades and Configurations: Firmware, GATT Parameters

  • Major additions and enhancements for the firmware upgrades over BLE – both beacons and WiRange-C devices.

  • Added several dozen new BLE GATT parameters for configurations – both beacons and WiRange-C devices.


Performance and Functional Improvements: Server, SDK, Devices

  • Reduced latencies and improved scalability for Geofencing and RTLS APIs.

  • Resolved the connectivity issues for both WiRange-C and WiRange devices.

  • Improved accuracy and stability for the Leantegra Mobile SDK, especially the scenarios based on accelerometer and magnetometer.


Sounds exciting? All such features and changes are available today for demonstrations and projects. Please feel free to drop us an e-mail with any questions or suggestions:

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