Release 1.10 of CVO Platform – Major Features and Enhancements

March 14, 2019 – Leantegra Inc., an IoT company developing software and hardware products for indoor location intelligence, announced Release 1.10 of CVO Platform.

List of Changes in Release 1.10

Geofencing features for CVO Portal and PowerGate:

  • Triggering alerts using “On Enter”, “On Exit” and “On Dwell” rules for the configured perimeters.

  • Drawing perimeters in the Locations module of CVO Portal.

  • Works with UWB RTLS, BLE RTLS and BLE Zone Tracking.

  • Configurable e-mail addresses for each geofencing rule.

Support for 3rd-party RTLS hardware:

  • Refactored RTLS Server (PowerGate) to support adding 3rd-party providers for ranging and RTLS data.

  • Integrated with UWB RTLS hardware from OpenRTLS.

  • Updated data models and device administration on CVO Portal.

The new algorithm for BLE Zone Tracking:

  • Major improvements for location accuracy and data variance between BLE beacons/tags and WiRange.

  • Up to 1 meter accuracy for BLE Zone Tracking, please check this report.

Support for 3rd-party BLE beacons and BLE-RFID cards for Zone Tracking:

  • Any iBeacon-compatible device can be used for Zone Tracking.

Major updates to the firmware of WiBeat BLE and WiRange devices:

  • Optimized battery consumption – up to 40% longer life for BLE beacons.

  • Eddystone TLM frames – improved monitoring of the battery status (correct values).

  • Calibrated ‘TX Power’ for BLE beacons – enhanced formula and calibration procedure.

  • Updated algorithm for BLE RTLS – data pre-processing on WiRange devices.

  • Introduced ‘TAG2’ mode for BLE beacons – extra parameters and accelerometer data for BLE RTLS.

Mobile SDK v1.10 – both Android and iOS versions are available on GitHub.

Fixes for CVO Portal – Trackables, Locations, Devices. 

Check It Out Today

The new release is available on the demo server already – please feel free to check or to request a demo session with our sales team:

Upcoming Features in Q2 2019

In parallel we started some activities for the next releases and features, which will come in April-June.

Release 1.10.1 – by the middle of April, minor changes:

  • Map matching feature – improved accuracy, variance and presentation for RTLS data. It works in a similar way to the map matching, which is used in GPS navigators.

  • Improvements for the core RTLS engine, especially BLE RTLS.

  • Improvements for the indoor navigation engine and the mobile SDK.

Release 1.11 – early June

Major announcements about both hardware and software are planned:

  • WiBeat 2.0 – the new beacon device based on BLE 5.0, enhanced antenna and motion recognition capabilities. Available for pre-orders by the end of April.

  • Leantegra UWB tags and anchors – we’re making some steps to finalize WiBeat UWB and the new UWB anchor, which is compatible with BeagleBone and Raspberry Pi devices. Available for pre-orders by the end of April.

  • Major additions and improvements for indoor navigation and smartphone-based RTLS features.

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