Release 1.10.1 of CVO Platform – RTLS Features and Improvements

August 1, 2019 – Leantegra Inc., an IoT company developing software and hardware products for indoor location intelligence, announced Release 1.10.1 of CVO Platform.

List of Changes in Release 1.10.1

New algorithm for BLE RTLS:

  • Improved location accuracy by 30%-40%.

  • Improved stability and smoothness with the new Kalman filter.

  • Decreased latencies and overall resource consumption.

Map matching feature for RTLS:

  • UI updates on CVO Portal for managing the match points.

  • Support for the matching in RTLS API, RTLS Dashboard and maps.

  • Both BLE RTLS and UWB RTLS are supported.

Updates for WiBeat UWB tags and UWB anchors:

  • We’ve finally completed the fixes for Leantegra UWB devices, so they’re available for orders and installations.

  • WiBeagle UWB – DIY version of UWB anchor, based on Beaglebone, is ready and available.

Fixes and improvements for the indoor navigation SDK and tools:

  • Obstacle avoidance for indoor routing.

  • Resolved issues with the larger maps.

  • Overall stability improvements for indoor positioning and navigation.

Preview version and samples of WiBeat 2.0 devices:

  • BLE 5.x device with IMU and motion recognition.

  • Available for the selected customers.

  • Production batches by the end of September 2019 (Release 1.11)

Check It Out Today

The new release is available on the demo server already – please feel free to check or to request a demo session with our sales team:

Upcoming Release 1.11

During the last month we started working on the next major release, which is scheduled for the end of September and includes major updates to CVO Platform:

New features and updates for CVO Portal:

  • “Alerts” module – configuring and browsing the triggered alerts with three types supported: button alerts, geofencing alerts, motion alerts.

  • “Motion” module – managing the motion recognition events and notifications from WiBeat 2.0 devices.

  • Updates to “Geofencing”, “Trackables”, “Devices” and “Users” sections.

“MobileRTLS” feature for both SDK and CVO Portal:

  • Using smartphones as the trackables in CVO Portal.

  • Collecting and forwarding the indoor positioning data from the mobile SDK to CVO Portal.

Finalized WiBeat 2.0 device:

  • BLE 5.x support for proximity marketing, indoor positioning and indoor navigation.

  • IMU for motion recognition using the low-power ML algorithms.

  • Longer range and other common features enabled by BLE 5.x

WiRange Cut 4.2 (Release 1.2):

  • Updated PCB of Leantegra WiRange device with more flexibility for PoE and Wi-Fi connectivity.

  • The major updates are coming in WiRange Cut 5.0 (Release 2.0) with support for BLE 5.1 AoA (Angle of Arrival) localization.

 Mobile SDK updates for indoor navigation:

  • Region-based indoor positioning and routing – support for installations with less beacons.

  • Features specific to BLE 5.x beacons and WiBeat 2.0

P.S.: Our new web site is also coming soon 😉 Completely redesigned and updated with the new information about products, features, case studies and projects.

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