Setting up a Proximity Marketing Campaign in less than 10 Minutes

The majority of Marketing Specialists know how to set up a Google Adwords campaign. But do you know how to create and configure a beacon-based Proximity Marketing campaign? If not – watch this video to see how you can do it with the Leantegra Proximity Marketing solution.

The video script is below:

Hey all! Today I am going to run a short demo and explain what steps are required for launching a Proximity Marketing campaign.

Of course, I assume that you have already made all the necessary preparations, like identified who your target audience is, where you would like to engage with them, and what kind of messages you are going to use. If not – check out this article which explains what steps to take i when planning a Proximity Marketing campaign.

As you may already know, CVO Portal is a web interface which enables access to all Proximity Marketing and Real-time Location System functionality.

Setting up a Proximity Campaign

So, today we are going to take a closer look at Proximity Marketing.

  • Log in to CVO Portal and go to the Devices section. Here you can see a floor plan of our office. The two WiBeat BLE devices and I are located in the LTG Web Room now. So, I have placed the devices in this room on the map.

  • Step two is adding content to CVO Portal. However, before you fill out this form, think about the goal of your campaign, the product you are going to advertise and the target audience. I will be speaking about targeting a little bit later when we move to the Campaign section.

At this stage your task is to provide as much information on this particular item as possible. And, make sure that you keep your target audience in mind when drafting creative content for this particular ad.

Today I am working on a Proximity Marketing campaign the main goal of which is to increase sales of a certain frozen pizza brand in my store. I am targeting this message to, let’s say, all women who are tired of cooking meals and would like to buy a ready made pizza which will free up their evening.

Proximity Marketing Content Management

Here is the ‘Add Content’ form:

  • Here we have to give our piece of content a name. Let’s call it ‘Pizza on Sale’.
  • Upload your creative content. It may be either an Image, a Video or an URL. In our case it is an image.
  • Come up with a clear message of what your offer is about. For example, ‘Buy 1 Frozen Pizza, get 1 for FREE!’.
  • Give more details of the product you are advertising, or address your audience with a perfectly tailored message. In our case, I will just expand on this pizza’s ingredients: ‘Enjoy a golden crust, plenty of bacon and tomatoes!’.

Below you will see a list of additional options where you can add more information. This data will be used to make an offer more appealing to customers and, at the same time, will help your company properly manage the coupon checkout process.

I am only going to fill out some of them:

  • The barcode field stands for an ordinary product barcode 4152 3245 3245 1245
  • Sticker is just a phrase which works as attention grabber. Let’s add something like “Get 50% Off!”
  • Let’s also put in the price – USD 4.00.
  • There is also the option to assign your advertised product to a certain category, but we are not going to do it now.

Now you can press ‘Add’ and save this piece of creative content.

Proximity Marketing Campaign Management

After that go to the Campaigns Management section and press ‘Add Campaign’. Type in a name ‘Pizza_Campaign_June_2017’ and set the time frames.

Now we have to add rules, or in other words – identify targeting of our campaign. The more accurate and comprehensive information you provide in this table, the higher conversion you will achieve. As part of this task we have to:

  • Give this rule a name.
  • Assign a certain WiBeat BLE beacon and choose the area where our campaign will be active.
  • Schedule days and time.
  • Identify whether content should be shown as a push notification or in the mobile app’s Offers list, or both.
  • In case your company divides your customer base into segments – choose the particular segment you want to target.
  • If necessary, target customers by demographic features, such as age and gender. In our case we are targeting women from 21 to 65 years old.

Your campaign is ready. Download our Proximity Marketing Sandbox app and login using your CVO Portal account credentials.

Testing Leantegra Proximity Marketing on an Android Phone

Ok, let’s see how it works. The WiBeat BLE beacon we use for this test is on the table. A push notification will arrive when I come a bit closer to it.

Here comes our push notification. And when clicking on it – you will see the content that we added to the campaign: an image, a long description, a sticker, a barcode and a price.

Screen #1

Screen #2

Like this video if you would like to learn more about Proximity Marketing, and of course see more videos on our youtube channel! Thank you, see you next time!!

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