Third-Party Beacons Support for Leantegra Platform

Leantegra team is gong to launch a new feature, third-party beacons support for CVO Platform. This will enable customers to use different hardware (not only WiBeats) and enjoy all the benefits of Leantegra software solutions.

Why third-party beacon feature is important?

1. This feature broadens customers choice and enables usage of different types of third-party beacons and experience Leantegra proximity marketing campaigns and analytics, proximity location analytics, indoor navigation solution benefits.

2. As a cherry on top, third-party beacon feature gives the opportunity to connect existing beacons infrastructure (hardware + software of third-party vendors) at the same time with Leantegra CVO portal. This is an outstanding opportunity to compare different software, to cover the maxim scope of specific software features using the same hardware.

What are the demands to third party devices to make integration possible?

  • iBeacon compatibility

What functions will be supported?

4 steps to make integration with third-party devices:

1. Set-up defined beacon devices parameters

As mentioned below, the only requirement for the device successful integration is iBeacon compatibility. If this condition is met, you just set definite parameters and the device is ready to interact with Leantegra CVO Portal.

2. Use Leantegra Demo App 

The next step is to make sure that basic scope of features is supported. You may use for this purpose Sandbox App ( Leantegra demo application, which was developed exactly for the purpose of testing proximity marketing or indoor navigation scenarios) for iOS or Android devices.

3. Start interaction with CVO Portal

So, after you are done with the demo mobile application for your specific needs, start your interaction with CVO Portal v.1.9.0. First, deploy the beacons to the devices section by adding them to CVOP map. After that you can go on with setting up proximity marketing campaigns, creating content and rules. As a final point of your demo campaign you may analyze the data collected with the help of reports from Analytics section.

4. Develop your own app with Leantegre SDK  

After successful demo, you are free to choose an option, whether develop your own application with the help of Leantegra SDK or use existing Leantegra Pilot App for iOS or Android devices.

In case you have prefered own app development, you are welcome to use Leantegra SDK, which supports mobile application interaction with beacons and is primarily used for the creation of Proximity Marketing applications. It sets up a connection between beacons and the Leantegra CVO Portal backend, which enables beacon management and monitoring, downloading and caching content, displaying it in the ‘offer list’ or as push notifications, etc.

Leantegra team is working day and night to launch a new release of CVO Platform v.1.9.0 in order to enable our customers to use third-party beacons feature for their business needs.

Stay tuned!

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