UWB RTLS Anchor – Just for $45!

Ever wanted to try UWB RTLS for your pilot projects or startup experiments? Or maybe even for larger installations, but with reduced costs and greater flexibility for hardware? Some DIY hardware options to play with your existing Raspberry Pi or Beaglebone?

Meet WiBeagle – DIY version of Leantegra UWB anchor, compatible with Beaglebone!  The following is included:

  • SD card image with Leantegra UWB stack – simply download and launch, no need for configuring or coding. This is a firmware image based on Ubuntu Linux, so you can upload your custom applications too.

  • Leantegra UWB module as Beaglebone cape – simply plug into any Beaglebone Black board.

The price is just $45, with both hardware and software included. Beaglebone comes separately with a typical price from $50 to $60, depending upon your local supplier. We also supply fully assembled devices with Leantegra casing and an optional PoE injector.

The recent QA activities have shown the following results for the location accuracy:

  • 0.2-0.3 meters accuracy for LOS environment.

  • 0.3-0.7 meters accuracy for NLOS – inside a pocket of jeans.

The demo kit also comes with WiBeat UWB – revived and fixed version of the UWB tag from Leantegra. Some key details about WiBeat UWB:

  • Wireless charging – compatible with any wireless charger based on Qi standard. The average charging time is 1.5 hours.

  • Longer life on a single charge – up to 43 hours with 200 ms blink rate (update rate). Can be extended several times by increasing the blink rate.

  • Smaller battery and form factor, comparing to other vendors – packed into our standard casing for WiBeat beacon: 46 x 48 mm.

All such devices are natively connected to CVO Portal and enabled with all related software features, such as geofencing or location analytics.

The demo kits are immediately available for orders – selected customers in April, mass market in May. Please contact us for more information: contact@leantegra.com

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