Proximity Campaign Management

Provides comprehensive tools for campaign configuration and launch, allowing for enhanced targeting and highly personalized content distribution.

A BLE Proximity Marketing Campaign

Is a planned location-based delivery of advertising content with the aim of growing interest by exposing the main product features and useful materials, and to engage a client by sending free coupons, discounts, and seasonal specials.

Key Campaign Management Components

The Leantegra intuitive CVO Portal interface facilitates all campaign-related actions, making the whole process simple.

The Proximity mobile SDK processes the signals received from WiBeats and, based on the campaign’s targeting parameters, sends the specific content over to a mobile application.

In both cases, after clicking on the delivered link, a new web session starts.

Easy Management - Advanced Features


Is it a link (url), image, text, or video that you want to promote? Leantegra Campaign Management embraces your Marketing Team’s creativity by letting them come up with any idea to be communicated through the proximity media channel.


Want to reach the target audience only? A number of targeting parameters, or so-called rules, produce a list of client behavior options for you to consider and to choose from.

What does our enterprise-grade IoT platform offer?

The Leantegra Proximity Campaign Analytics allows marketers to optimize campaigns, maximize marketing efforts and Return on Investment (ROI).

Easy Management - Advanced Features

Immediate, Near or Far that can be configured depending on the campaign requirements.

identifies whether a visitor is entering, or about to leave a particular zone; or specifies the minimum time a person has to spend in either the Immediate, Near or Far zone.

the days and times when the campaign will be active.

defines how often push notifications will be delivered to a customer within a certain period in time.

setting up the age interval and gender in order to narrow down the target audience. This data is available through the user’s mobile application registration process.

uploading of customer segments from a CRM system and using this data when planning Proximity campaigns.

advertised content is available either as a Push Notification or in the mobile application’s Offer List (or in both).

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