About us

Leantegra is an IoT company which develops software and hardware products for indoor location intelligence.

Our networks are installed and operated in supermarkets, shopping malls, airports, parking spaces and industrial/mining areas. We offer major benefits and new revenue streams for our customers via the following key solutions:

  • Foot traffic analytics, engagement and monetization
  • Asset tracking and FMCG analytics (e.g. shopping carts)
  • Indoor guidance and value-added services

We go beyond BLE beacons and proximity marketing by providing the industry's most advanced platform with RTLS (Real-time Location System), BLE beacons and location tags, campaign management tools, location analytics and much more.

The geography of our projects and partnerships span the US, Canada, Israel, the UAE, Poland, Turkey, China and Ukraine.

Leantegra is also open and friendly to developer communities and technology enthusiasts in the area of indoor location technologies. Please check out our API, SDK, code examples, reference applications – we are always ready to help with your next big idea!

Our Team

Oleg Puzanov
Co-Founder and CEO
Antonio Gines
Co-founder and Chairman
Ihor Korsun
COO and Product Development
Viktor Volodynskyy
Solution Delivery Director
Ariel Wolfe
Sales Director
Alex Chukov
R&D Project Manager
Ted Wilson
Dmitry Litvinchenko
Web Team Lead
Artem Kudla
Web Team Lead
Dmytro Dogadailo
Web Team Lead
Ihor Vishnevsky
Software Engineer
Yevhenii Nesterov
Software Engineer
Vitalii Iamborak
Technical Product Manager
Michael Harvey
Corporate Director
Anton Anisimov
Sales Business Partner, California
Anatoly Goldstein
Embedded Software Lead
Alex Pasichny
Software Engineer
Andrii Motsyk
Software Engineer
Artem Drozd
Android Developer - Mobile SDK
Konstantin Gvozdyuk
Android Developer
Anton Voitsekhivskyi
iOS Developer
Bohdan Kulichenko
Automation QA Engineer (HW and Embedded SW)
Yuriy Pogrebiskiy
QA Engineer
Borys Bezukladov
Embedded SW Engineer
Gleb Vlasyuk
Automation QA Engineer
Yurii Artemenko
QA Engineer
Tatyana Dudarenko
QA Engineer
Dmytro Kovtunenko
Junior QA Engineer
Olga Yupko
Junior QA Engineer
Yana Kain
Junior QA Engineer
Maksym Nekohdiuk
DevOps Engineer
Julia Ilyuhina
Senior Sales Executive
Rim Elijah
B2B Sales Manager
Tatyana Agameryants
Junior Lead Generation Specialist
Mariya Mateychuk
Junior Lead Generation Specialist
Anna Senchenko
Junior Lead Generation Specialist
Olga Rusnak
Head of Marketing
Bohdan Kostiv
Marketing Intern
Lera Iavdiuk
UI/UX Designer
Anastasiya Kinyashova
Chief Accountant
Oleksii Kolesnichenko
Purchasing and assembly manager
Denis Mishin
Board Advisor