CVO Portal

provides a single interface for both business users and developers to all data and administration features of Proximity Marketing, RTLS and Location Analytics.

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CVO Portal Web Interface Modules

allows a user to see ‘an object’ moving on the map (in a particular location) in real time.

users who have been assigned with admin roles can login and view the data depending on one’s permission to access the data.

enables finding a venue on the global map (using OpenStreetMap), zoom in, put anchors on the borders of a building, upload and adjust a floor plan, add floors (if necessary), set Time Zone, enter latitude and longitude, etc.

provides an opportunity to place BLE beacons and wireless gateways on a venue map, monitor their health status and overall performance.

provides detailed Location and Proximity Campaign Analytics. RTLS Analytics collects data from Visitors (via Wi-Fi) and Location Tags (via BLE) separately, presenting the information from both sources in a form of multiple user-friendly reports. Proximity Campaign Analytics combines the following metrics: Open Rate, Conversion Rate, Opened Notifications, Received Notifications, Used Coupons, etc.

enables uploading and editing of Proximity Marketing campaigns’ content, including text, images, videos, and URLs.

the Campaign Management functionality enables the creation of a Proximity Marketing campaign by setting a number of parameters to ensure the enhanced targeting of the advertised content.

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