Information for Developers

This page provides comprehensive data for developers willing to build new Proximity Marketing, RTLS and Location Analytics products, integrate existing systems with CVO Platform, or simply evaluate Leantegra offerings.


The Leantegra SDK supports mobile application interaction with WiBeat BLE beacons and is primarily used for the creation of Proximity Marketing applications. Additionally, it sets up a connection between WiBeats and the Leantegra CVO Portal backend, which enables WiBeat management and monitoring, downloading and caching content, displaying it in the ‘offer list’ or as push notifications, and other features.


Leantegra leverages RTLS, Proximity Marketing and hardware APIs to facilitate smooth integration with third-party systems. In case a developer decides to build his/her own software on top of CVO Platform, the thoroughly documented APIs will greatly simplify and speed up this process.

CVO Portal Demo

CVO Portal provides a user-friendly interface for Proximity Marketing Campaign Management and Analytics, and Real-time Location System and Location Analytics. A demo version of the product is available for testing purposes.

Proximity Marketing Sandbox Application

Removing an initial requirement for custom-developed software, the Leantegra Proximity Marketing Sandbox app prompts the instant start of a Proximity Pilot project. Additionally, it unlocks opportunities for proper system evaluation prior to full-scale deployment. Users can monitor the app’s interaction with the Leantegra iBeacon and Eddystone-compatible beacons, view WiBeat-related critical data (MAC address, battery status), as well as manage beacons through this app.

Proximity Marketing Pilot Application

Leantegra Pilot app is created for companies, which are willing to validate Proximity Marketing solution in real business environment. The application can be customized by our team, featuring your company’s logo, preferred color scheme and Company info, and distributed among your customer base from day one. In addition to the comprehensive list of Proximity Marketing features, the app provides your customers with the considerable level of control, by allowing them to be adding the chosen ads to ‘Favourites’, or removing them from the ‘Offers’ list completely.

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