Some of our installations and projects.

Ramjack: South Africa and UK
Underground Mine Projects

Dostyk Plaza: Kazakhstan
Indoor Navigation and Proximity Marketing for Shopping Mall

Lifestyle Panel: Australia
Custom RTLS and Alerting System for Hotel Staff

Creative Parking Solutions: USA
Indoor Navigation with 3rd-party Beacons


Large National Retailer: Ukraine
BLE RTLS for Roll Cage Tracking

Auchan: Ukraine
Proximity Marketing and Shopper Analytics for Retail

Milani Giovanni: Italy
BLE RTLS, UWB RTLS and Indoor Navigation for Pilot Projects

CollisionWorks: USA
UWB RTLS for Car Tracking and Safety


International Logistics Operator: Ukraine
BLE RTLS for Employee Tracking and Analytics

Globberry: Ukraine and Kazakhstan
TETRA GPS Integration for Oil&Gas Projects

After LLC: Saudi Arabia
Proximity Marketing and Consulting for Expo and Retail Projects

Stellar: USA
UWB RTLS and “Compass App” for Worker Navigation

BLE RTLS with 3rd-party Location Tags – Cards, Bracelets.

Ministry Of Statistics: Saudi Arabia
Proximity Marketing and Analytics

Standav: USA
Indoor Navigation and Proximity Marketing for Retail Apps

International Airport Boryspil: Ukraine
Wi-Fi RTLS for Foot Traffic Analytics

SkyShow: Australia
Indoor Navigation

Tagvance: Turkey
BLE RTLS and Zone Tracking for Underground Mines

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