Trigger alerts and e-mail notifications for perimeters using “On Enter”, “On Exit” or “Dwell Time” events.

Works with BLE RTLS, UWB RTLS and smartphones.

Enable Safety and Better Monitoring

By configuring the geofencing zones and rules you can easily monitor the locations of interest for the needed trackables: employees, visitors or equipment.

Measure performance of your employees, when they enter or spend time in specific zones (e.g. smoking rooms). React correspondingly when a prohibited zone is entered.

Geofencing Use Cases

Clock In-Out for Employees or Equipment

automatically track and record the events of entering and exiting certain areas by employees or equipment; avoid manual record keeping and extra efforts.

Safety Monitoring and Enforcement

in hazardous environments, such as oil&gas facilities, underground mines or warehouses with chemicals - trigger alerts when somebody enters dangerous zones or spends more time than allowed (maximum dwell time).

Building Security

role-based authorization for entering certain areas inside or outside your buildings can be configured for any trackables or groups of trackables.

Employee Performance Analytics

in addition to triggering alerts, such as e-mails or SMS all geofencing records are placed into Leantegra Data Warehouse for querying and reporting purposes.


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