Indoor Navigation

Multi-floor indoor navigation for iOS and Android smartphones.

Includes indoor positioning, based on BLE beacons, and advanced routing engine with searchable maps.

Complete System for
Indoor Navigation

The Leantegra Indoor Navigation system consists of all compontents and features in one solution, integrated and ready to use

Indoor Navigation Details

Use Leantegra beacons or third-party beacons for positioning and indoor navigation.

Location accuracy: on average from 1 to 2 meters; accuracy of 0.5 meters can be achieved.

Offline positioning and routing mechanism - no Internet required, local caching on the side of the smartphone

Multi-floor navigation with automatic floor switching according to entry points such as elevators or stairs.

Vector maps with lots of data for each floor.

Reference applications for iOS and Android with source code.

Simple Process : Three Steps

Step #1 - Map and Beacon Placement

CVO Portal is used for uploading, configuring and hosting your map. Beacon devices are placed on a map of CVO Portal.

Step #2 - Mobile App

Leantegra SDK and the reference applications are used for developing the needed features.

Step #3 - Install Beacons and Test

Physical installation of beacons and testing inside your venue.

Use Cases and Benefits


Enhance the mobile product catalogs with mapping and navigation information, which might include offers and coupons on the same map.

Shoping Mall

Monetize every single step of your visitors by routing them statically or dynamically to the most optimal locations. Control the foot traffic in a better way.


Better infotainment inside museums with indoor navigation and proximity marketing. Create beautiful experiences by guiding your visitors along the right path to replicate historical events and their sequences etc.

Expo Halls

Finding booths or people can be assisted with indoor navigation. Locating and navigating to the right person in a large crowd is a clear benefit for lead generation activities.

Indoor Navigation

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