Location Analytics

Get deep and broad insights into location data, such as foot traffic metrics.


Powerful Features

Useful insights out-of-the-box

Analyze dwell-time, popular zones, geofencing events, campaign statistics and device statistics using the available UI widgets in CVO Portal.​

Create new widgets and reports

Advanced constructor for analytics is available in CVO Portal: select filters, dimensions, data sources and chart types. No need for programming to create the new reports. ​

Connect BI tools through SQL interface

Use your existing BI tools, such as Tableau or PowerBI, for advanced reporting or finer-grained analytics.

Data Warehouse

  • Efficient storage and querying terabytes of data from Leantegra devices, mobile apps and integrated systems.
  • Flexible deployments on your local servers or Amazon AWS without any extra licenses for databases or software components.
  • Use CVO Portal for analytics or connect your BI tools, such as Tableau or PowerBI through the standard SQL interface.

Location Analytics

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