Location Analytics

Get deep and broad insights into location data, such as foot traffic metrics.

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Leantegra Location Analytics

provides a powerful Big Data engine for storing, exploring and visualizing terabytes of data. Make data-driven decisions for better marketing campaigns, in-store operations and employee safety. Use powerful dashboards in CVO Portal or connect third-party BI (Business Intelligence) tools, such as Tableau or PowerBI.

CVO Portal Web Interface

CVO (Connected Venue Operator) Portal gives full access to a real-time dashboard, location editor, beacon remote management and monitoring features, multiple analytic reports, as well as content and Proximity Marketing campaign-related features.

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Location Analytics Benefits

  • Optimization of a retail store space planning and layout
  • Effective offline advertisements’ and signage placement
  • Provision of sufficient staff levels in the most crowded areas, or during busy hours
  • Enhancement of organizational operations
  • Improvement of employee performance

Complete System for Location Analytics

Location Analytics Differentiation

  • 1.
    Ensuring an ability to track smartphones, tablets and location tags (beacons)
  • 2.
    Introducing wider coverage of objects and individuals using BLE, Wi-Fi and UWB wireless technology
  • 3.
    Separating the data aggregation channels by smart devices, location tags or wireless technologies
  • 4.
    Comparing the data collection results by channels
  • 5.
    Generating and processing the location insights in real time

Data Warehouse

  • Efficient storage and querying terabytes of data from Leantegra devices, mobile apps and integrated systems.
  • Offering flexible deployment options: Amazon AWS, private clouds, on-premise servers.
  • Providing the supported by CVO Portal native Analytics Dashboard.
  • Including the popular Tableau, Pentaho, PowerBI, QlikView BI tools (supported via ODBC and JDBC drivers).

Location Analytics Use Cases

Increased Revenues
Location Analytics, providing store management with location-based customer insights, provides ideas on how to encourage a customer to stay longer and, as a result, increases average sale value.
Measuring Proximity Marketing Efficiency
In order to assess the Proximity Marketing campaign’s results, it is important to measure its impact on foot traffic by comparing location popularity and visitor / passerby metrics.
Business Performance Estimation
A store, where the number of newcomers grows while the number of returning or loyal clients stays steady, may signal that the organization fails to retain customers.
Beneficial Promo Materials Placement
Gaining access to foot traffic data and popular zones allows clients to find the best spots for offline advertising, and thereby maximize visibility.
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