Proximity Marketing Mobile Apps

Evaluate Proximity Marketing and manage beacons with the Leantegra Android and iOS apps.

Leantegra Sandbox Application

enables a user to familiarize with the Proximity Marketing solution, and thoroughly assess it in a testing environment.

Monitor the interaction of an app with the Leantegra iBeacon and Eddystone-compatible beacons. See all active devices on a real-time mobile map.

View any promotional content scheduled to be displayed as push notifications, or in the ‘Offers’ section of the application.

Access WiBeat BLE beacons critical information, like MAC address, distance to a smartphone, battery status, etc.

Manage WiBeats BLE remotely by setting up a device mode, advertising intervals, Eddystone-URL, and test targeting by emulating a mobile app’s user age and gender.

Leantegra Pilot Application

is ready-to-use mobile software, built for Proximity Marketing projects both large and small. It is a comprehensive application for retail which, by adding company branding, can be quickly deployed in any business environment.