Motion Recognition

Low-power motion recognition with algorithms running directly on Leantegra beacons. Smart processing for less power consumption.

Fall detection, walking, running, inactivity and other scenarios.

Machine Learning for Human Motion

  • Training and classification algorithms suitable for ARM Cortex-M0 MCU and tiny amounts of RAM.
  • Much less transfers via Bluetooth – no raw accelerometer data, just the recognition events. 
  • Supported natively by Leantegra WiBeat and WiRange devices, as well as the mobile SDK.
  • Utility app for Android – data collection and ML training purposes.

Better RTLS with Motion Data

  • Better accuracy and smoothing for RTLS – with motion data fusion in Leantegra RTLS engine.
  • Better power consumption for RTLS hardware – less wireless transmissions during the inactivity periods.
  • Better installation options for RTLS anchors and tags – less dependencies on NLOS and coverage limitations.

Motion Recognition

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