Proximity Campaign Analytics

Provides a user with data that enables measuring the results and analyzing the performance of location-based marketing campaigns.


Proximity Campaign Metrics

A campaign administrator can view the Proximity Marketing results displayed in one of the charts, such as table, bar, line, pie, etc.

The initial BLE Campaign Analytics metrics include:

Open Rate

(opened / received notifications)

Conversion Rate

(used / opened coupons)

Received Notifications

Opened Notifications

Used coupons

Proximity Marketing
Additional Attributes

A campaign administrator can also use dimensions, or extra attributes that can be added to the Analytics report.

Distribution Channel

Push Notifications or Mobile Application Offer List

Content Type

URL (link), image, video, text

Demographic Characteristics

Demographic characteristics age and gender

Customer Segment

URL (link), image, video, text

BLE Proximity Marketing Benefits

The Trends widget allows for the comparison of Proximity Marketing campaign results against the previous period. The result is displayed as a percentage and shows either an increase or a decrease in the chosen value (metric).

The Histogram widget enables the usage of numerical intervals (age, average dwell time) for analysis. For example, a CVO Portal user can build a chart which shows how many notifications were sent to users aged 25-30, 31-37, etc., or the number of visitors per every age category.

Return on Investment

The Leantegra Proximity Campaign Analytics allows marketers to optimize campaigns, maximize marketing efforts and Return on Investment (ROI).

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