Proximity Pilot Large

Empowers a large Proximity Marketing installation in your venue with a Branded Proximity Demo app and access to CVO Portal demo.


+ shipping costs

Proximity Pilot Large Components

  • 8 hours setup consultation

*To extend your CVO Portal license, please email us at

Proximity Pilot Large Features

iBeacon, Eddystone and hybrid iBeacon-Eddystone modes
Wireless technology
BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)
over BLE GATT protocol
Web interface
CVO Portal
up to 100 meters
WiBeat BLE design
wearable, wall-mounted

Use Cases for Business

Explore Proximity Marketing opportunities in full before launching a large-scale project.
Run highly targeted location-based Proximity Marketing campaigns: add content, set rules, place WiBeats and launch your campaign.
Benefit from having your branded Proximity app and an opportunity to thoroughly evaluate main use cases in real business environment.
View Campaign Analytics split by the Distribution Channel (mobile application offer list, or push notifications): number of delivered and opened push notifications, and Click-through Rate (CTR).

Use Cases for Developers

Rapid application development and integration with the existing infrastructure (SDK, REST API).