Information about integrations, partnerships and frequently asked questions.


Integration and API

SCADA and Industrial Automation

Available support for AVEVA-Wonderware System Platform, integrated successfully for underground mine projects. 

Industrial IoT Protocols

Advanced support for MQTT for both Leantegra devices and servers, including QoS 1-2 for guaranteed offline delivery. 

MQTT bridge between SCADA and the sensor networks based on BLE, UWB or Wi-Fi.

OPC UA is integrated for interfacing SCADA-side software components and field networks.


Platform API and SDK

Leantegra CVO Portal provides REST API for server-side integration purposes (e.g. custom UI integration).

Mobile SDK for Android and iOS is available for smartphone RTLS and indoor navigation features.


Our Partners and Customers

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Join as a Partner

End-to-End Consulting

Trainings, support for pre-sales activities, proposals and project estimations. Our engineering teams can collaborate on developing advanced solutions.

Tools, Hardware and Software

Discounts for hardware and software, free-of-charge demo kits for the selected partners and other perks.

Launching Your New Business

We work together for launching your new local business about the selected solutions, such RTLS for underground mines or safety solutions for factories.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

There are two options here:

  1. RTLS demo kit for trying Leantegra hardware and software – please contact us and we will ship the needed package.
  2. Contacting our partners in your region, who can assist with your projects and needs. Normally all larger projects should be discussed directly with our partners.

Yes, we sell the demo kits both directly and through partners. The pricing range varies from $2500 to $6000, depending on your specific configuration. Please contact us for more details. 

Yes, please drop us an e-mail to schedule an online meeting:

We support both on-premise and on-cloud installations for Leantegra servers. No dependencies on the cloud API or services from Amazon, Google or Microsoft. The demo setup can be installed on a relatively low-cost PC: 16 Gb RAM, 128 Gb SSD.

By default we don’t sell hardware without software, especially in small quantities. RTLS demo kit is the best option to try the system with all features.

Yes, this option is available to all partners after signing the partnership agreement.

We sell hardware, software and E2E solutions through partners, such as system integrators. It means that all larger projects and unit prices should be negotiated through our partners.

For the demo kits – please feel free to contact us directly.


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