RTLS Pilot

Provides Wi-Fi and BLE RTLS, and Location Analytics for both smartphones and WiBeat BLE location tags. The Leantegra Wi-Fi RTLS pilot scenario is designed to cover areas of up to 600 square meters, where BLE RTLS - up to 800 square meters.

RTLS Pilot Components

  • 4 WiRange wireless gateways
  • 12 WiBeat BLE beacons
  • 1 PowerGate server - Intel Nuc device
  • 1 Wi-Fi router
  • 3 months CVO Portal Access*
  • 3 months dedicated instance on Amazon
  • Android and iOS SDK
Network equipment and cables
  • 1 Switch (PoE 48V)
  • 4 Ethernet cables (20 m)
  • 1 Extension cord
  • 2 man-weeks for setup assistance, internal testing and consulting

*To extend your CVO Portal license, please email us at


RTLS Pilot Features

BLE range
up to 100 meters
Wi-Fi sniffing range
up to 30 meters
Web interface
CVO Portal
Remote management
WiBeat and WiRange
WiBeat BLE remote configuration
over BLE GATT protocol
Network connectivity
Ethernet or WLAN
Power supply
PoE 48V or External power supply 5V, 3A
LWM2M protocol
WiBeat BLE location tag design
wearable, wall-mounted

Use Cases for Business

Collect real-time location data on WiBeat BLE location tags and individuals (personnel
Provide indoor navigation and routing (including designing a venue map, to be released
Decrease the technical team working load since all firmware upgrades and provisioning can be carried out remotely.
View location analytics, including foot traffic, average dwell time, a number of new and returning visitors, etc.
Perform control over WiBeat devices’ performance to ensure their continuous operation.

Use Cases for Developers

Rapidly develop RTLS applications and integrate the Leantegra system with the existing infrastructure (SDK, REST API).
Perform remote provisioning and firmware upgrades.
Monitor WiBeat BLE and WiRange 24*7 health status (incl. battery status - to be released soon).