Features for industrial safety based on RTLS, telemetry and on-device machine learning.

Search and Locate

Advanced search capabilities for assets, personnel and devices – search by name, location, categories, serial numbers and other attributes. 

Clustered view to show all employees in the selected area.

Incident History

Event archive and historical data explorer for alarms, RTLS, SMS and geofencing. Browse records and view trajectories on a map for the needed historical data. 

Show historical track by various parameters – dates, location, status, worker details etc. 

Asset-Personnel Inventory

Database for assets and personnel enriched with location details, alarms and telemetry.

Methane-CO Monitoring

Heatmaps and sensor data integration via the supported protocols (e.g. ModBus RTU). All the collected data is available in real-time and through the event archive for advanced reporting.

Alarm-SOS Messaging

QoS-enabled broadcast and personal messaging with acknowledgements and offline-mode delivery (persistent messaging). 

PPE Detection

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) detection, telemetry and location tracking based on RTLS and TagML features of the Leantegra devices.

Safety helmets, protective vests or mining lamps can be enabled with powerful features, even in the places without the needed coverage for Wi-Fi, LTE, BLE or UWB. Both offline and online modes of operations are supported, such as on-device detection and alerting (based on TagML).


On-enter, on-exit and on-dwell (time period) geofencing rules for triggering visual alerts, real-time notifications and database records.

Collision Avoidance

Low-latency proximity alerts and collision avoidance based on UWB TWR or TDoA. No servers are involved to enable the most minimal delays for notifications.

UWB-to-BLE bridge on Leantegra devices (e.g. UT-100) enables local notifications to smartphones or tablets. 

Haptic feedback (vibro modules), LED signaling and audio alerts are available as optional modules for Leantegra devices.

Height Safety

Height safety system based on 3D RTLS, XZ-plane, YZ-plane tracking or Z-axis only tracking for assets or personnel.

Detect, track and alert workers on industrial mezzanines, ladders, cranes, elevators, multi-level factory floors or towers. Configure thresholds or geofencing rules for the target zones. 


Network Monitoring

Network infrastructure safety and on-time maintenance is critical for the entire solution, especially in underground mines and other industrial locations with a high risk of malfunction. 

Sample screen: BLE beacon status and charge information.

Wi-Fi transmission network monitoring with the signal quality details – RSSI heatmap.

Inventory of devices with serial numbers and status information.


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