is a multi-protocol gateway used for RTLS, Location Analytics and Proximity Marketing.

WiRange Wireless Gateway Features

Wi-Fi sniffing
2 modules for simultaneous 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz with
802.11ac/b/g/n support
Bluetooth sniffing
3 modules with BLE and BR/EDR for location tags
and smartphones
PoE, USB, on-board Wi-Fi module for wireless LAN
-100 dBm
Flexible installation options
PoE (48V) or DC power supply with Wi-Fi connection
Remote management
through LWM2M
Modular SW architecture
fully configurable, automated provisioning
Advanced housing design
for easy mounting

Wireless Gateway Benefits

Single Device for Different
The Leantegra WiRange device, being an integral part of RTLS and Location Analytics, performs beacon (or location tag) remote management functionality.
Remote Management
and Configuration
WiRange network planning, provisioning, and upgrades can be carried out through CVO Portal.
Several Location Accuracy
WiRange provides varying levels of location accuracy, and can be used to solve different business problems, depending on the RTLS type (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Low Energy or Ultra-wideband).
No Mobile Apps Required
WiRange detects Wi-Fi signals without any need for a previously downloaded mobile application, or an active WLAN connection.
RTLS with Three Devices
Thanks to the advanced design of the Wi-Fi antennas, a minimum RTLS project requires only three WiRange devices.

Wireless Gateway Use Cases

In RTLS applications WiRange is used to collect Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Low Energy and Ultra-wideband wireless signals from smart devices or Leantegra WiBeats and generate the raw positioning data (x, y coordinates of a device).
The Leantegra gateway performs the role of WiBeat BLE beacon (location tag) remote management and monitoring in both RTLS and Proximity Marketing installations.
It can also find application in a number of other real-time tracking and personnel visibility cases.
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