Leantegra – Industrial RTLS and Safety

Release R2023

Hardware and software for industrial RTLS and safety, including ATEX Zone 0-2 devices.

New Hardware


Dual-mode device for industrial UWB RTLS

Compact IP67 device  capable of working as a UWB-BLE RTLS tag or anchor. The device includes Bosch IMU, barometer, programmable NFC module, USB power supply and optional ESP8266 Wi-Fi module.  

from $60 per device


Advanced gateway and anchor for RTLS networks

Locator PRO is the most advanced RTLS device in our series and includes 802.3at-af PoE, WLAN, Ethernet LAN, USB, Mesh and other features for enterprise-grade installations.

from $250 per device


Wristband for location tracking and alerting 

Industrial-grade wristband device for personnel tracking using UWB and BLE RTLS. Two-way alerting and sensor telemetry features over UWB and BLE are included in addition to location tracking. 

from $65 per device


TDoA tag for long-term installations

Low cost RTLS tag for battery-powered UWB TDoA and BLE Zoning scenarios, where recharging and maintenance procedures for RTLS tags should be rare or avoided.

from $40 per device

Android HMI for Vehicles

For in-cabin installations together with Leantegra UWB-BLE devices, such as Tag PRO

  • UWB TWR for near-field detection with high accuracy
  • BLE Zoning for far-field detection with medium accuracy

Displaying details for people, vehicles and equipment

Works without servers and LAN/WLAN connectivity, directly with RTLS devices

BLE GATT protocol for streaming the RTLS data from 1-8 nearby devices

Better API for Integrations

MQTT and BLE GATT for real-time data streaming directly from RTLS devices

UWB TDoA Message

    "MessageID": 8011593,  
    "MessageType": 0,  
    "LocatorID": "UWBANCH0001",  
    "TagID": "f2:e8:b8:50:63:a1",  
    "DeviceType": "uwb2",
    "Timestamp_ref_1": 1071423525934,
    "TimestampTDoA": 1072283984540,
    "Timestamp_ref_2": 1081407487022,
    "Counter": 0,  
    "Sensor_Own_Pressure": 101325,
    "Sensor_Own_Temperature": 19.7,
    "Sensor_Tag_Pressure": 101321,
    "Sensor_Tag_Temperature": 19.5  
    "Sensor_Tag_AccX": 2205,  
    "Sensor_Tag_AccY": 1510,
    "Sensor_Tag_AccZ": 14914, 
    "Sensor_Tag_GyrX": 392,
    "Sensor_Tag_GyrY": -910,
    "Sensor_Tag_GyrZ": -237, 
    "Timestamp": 1107511, 


UWB TWR Message

    "MessageID": 542201,,  
    "MessageType": 0,  
    "LocatorID": "UWBANCH0001",  
    "TagID": "f2:e8:b8:50:63:a1",  
    "DeviceType": "uwb",
    “Distance”: 2438,
    "Sensor_Own_Pressure": 101322,
    "Sensor_Own_Temperature": 19.2,
    "Sensor_Tag_Pressure": 101321,
    "Sensor_Tag_Temperature": 19.5  
    "Sensor_Tag_AccX": 2205,  
    "Sensor_Tag_AccY": 1510,
    "Sensor_Tag_AccZ": 14914, 
    "Sensor_Tag_GyrX": 392,
    "Sensor_Tag_GyrY": -910,
    "Sensor_Tag_GyrZ": -237, 
    "Timestamp": 982511, 


ATEX EU Certifications

Devices for underground mines and ATEX Zone 0-2 installations


BLE locator for cap lamps


UWB module for cap lamps


UWB anchor for underground mines


BLE beacon for underground mines

RTLS Features: New and Improved

3-4 times accuracy improvement for UWB TWR

Reworked the core protocol for UWB TWR in the firmware of both RTLS tags and anchors to achieve 5-10 cm accuracy for static objects and 10-30 cm for moving objects.

** test measurements for UWB TWR at 400 cm for static objects

The new engine for unified 1D-3D RTLS

Introduced the tunnel UWB RTLS and updated the server-side RTLS framework  to support 1D, 2D and 3D calculations in the same processing pipeline.

Multiple improvements for CVO Portal

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