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BLE beacon
Deploy WiBeat devices for Proximity Marketing, or as a location tag in RTLS applications.

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UWB Location Tag
Track the location of people or assets with 10-20 cm accuracy.

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Wireless gateway
Use WiRange for advanced networks with BLE, Wi-Fi and UWB technologies in one box.

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Enable your applications with powerful features - Android and iOS demo apps are included.

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Web Portal
Check out CVO Portal for analytics, campaigns, indoor maps, device network management and much more.

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RTLS server
Add real-time location processing and smart connectivity with PowerGate server.

Leantegra Sandbox.
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Evaluate Proximity Marketing and Real-time Location System (RTLS) with or without BLE beacons. Configure and monitor the devices, including iBeacon and Eddystone parameters. Get free access to the CVO Portal Demo version - create campaigns and test them instantly in our Sandbox app.

One platform. Three solutions. Multiple business opportunities.

  • 1.
    Real-time Location System
    Discover real-time indoor location of individuals
    and objects via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and
    Ultra-Wideband wireless technologies.

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  • 2.
    Proximity Marketing
    Engage your target audience with
    location-based mobile advertising using the
    Campaign Management and Analytics tools.

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  • 3.
    Location Analytics
    Get deep insights into location data, such as foot traffic, dwell time, the number of new and returning visitors, the most popular venue zones, and many more.

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Open platform. Friendly to developers and technology enthusiasts.

Explore the new possibilities for your projects with Leantegra REST API, mobile SDK for Android and iOS, code examples and CVO Portal Demo. Check out our account on GitHub and developers’ page on the web site.

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Proximity Demo Kit

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Proximity Pilot Small

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Proximity Pilot Large

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RTLS Pilot

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Mar, 15, 2017

BLE Beacons Enable Accurate Indoor Positioning with Leantegra MobileRTLS SDK

It would be quite difficult to find a person who knows nothing about GPS-based outdoor navigation systems. While driving or walking from point A to point B people all over the world tend to use one of those popular mobile apps which helps them avoid traffic jams, and, therefore, reach a destination much faster.

By Olga Rusnak

Leantegra solutions are successfully installed in:

and shopping malls


Parking spaces


Key Advantages

Leantegra technology provides opportunities for both foot traffic engagement and analytics, equipping end users with in-depth behavioral insights on customers and opportunities to influence them during the key decision-making stage.

The Leantegra platform supports multiple wireless engagement technologies: BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), Wi-Fi and UWB (Ultra-wideband), providing 5-10 times greater audience coverage.

The Leantegra platform consists of the integrated software and hardware that enables multiple scenarios, provides flexibility, reduces time to market (TTM) and technical risks.

Leantegra solutions are capable of covering multiple and distributed premises through the provision of centralized monitoring capabilities and grouping, and advanced multi-role user interface.

All our solutions enable remote management of device networks and servers: 24/7 monitoring, provisioning and firmware upgrades.

Leantegra’s RTLS supports BLE, Wi-Fi & UWB (soon to be released) wireless technologies. Whereas Wi-Fi and BLE RTLS show 2-4 meter real-time location accuracy, UWB RTLS provides accuracy down to 10-20 cm.