Industrial RTLS and Safety

Underground Mines




Case Study #1

Tunnel RTLS and telemetry based on 2100 BLE beacons, 1700 Smart Lamp devices and industrial Wi-Fi for DTEK underground mine in Ukraine.

Case Study #2

Tunnel RTLS with LTE Cat-M1 connectivity to the private LTE network for DPM underground mine in Bulgaria. Both personnel tracking and vehicle tracking. 

Case Study #3

UWB RTLS for personnel tracking inside a large logistics center in Ukraine. Highly metallic environment with obstacles and challenging requirements. 

Case Study #4

TETRA RTLS system for oil&gas company in Kazakhstan – tracking Motorola terminals with BLE beacons and TETRA protocols.

R2021: New Hardware




for scalable and precise RTLS

TensorFlow Lite 

for on-device ML and motion recognition (without server)

Accelerometer and Barometer

for 2D and 3D tracking scenarios 

BLE 5.2 Connectivity

for BLE GATT parameters or BLE Mesh networking

UWB-BLE Mobile App

for reconfiguration without firmware updates

Low Power, Low Cost

up to 12 months on CR2477 battery (can be recharged) 


UWB RTLS and BLE Zoning

supports TDoA, TWR and RSSI-IMU algorithms      

With or Without Cables

Ethernet or Wi-Fi for connectivity  

Flexible Power Supply Options

12-24V PoE or 5V USB, including powerbanks    

IP67 Housing

Both indoor and outdoor installations

UWB-BLE Mobile App

for reconfiguration without firmware updates

RTOS for Low-latency Processing

for time-critical operations, where latency matters 


ATEX and Mining Hardware

LTE-BLE Locator for Oldham Mining Lamps

tunnel RTLS device for NB-IoT or Cat-M1 networks 

WiFi-BLE Locator for InPromTex Mining Lamps

tunnel RTLS device with Wi-Fi connectivity and ModBus RTU telemetry  

ATEX and IP67 Beacons

ATEX BLE Beacon for Coal Mines (InPromTex)

with high methane and advanced safety requirements  

IP67 BLE Beacon with TensorFlow Lite

for BLE location tracking and on-device motion recognition

Wirelessly Rechargeable UWB Beacon

for TDoA-TWR location tracking, supports Qi wireless charging


R2021: Advanced Software

More Powerful RTLS Engine

Introduced the tunnel RTLS, asynchronous UWB TDoA and reworked the processing pipeline to support 10,000 – 20,000 RTLS cycles per second.

Alarm-SOS Messaging

Broadcast, SOS and SMS messaging features added to CVO Portal. Based on MQTT with QoS and online-offline delivery guarantees.

Event Archive and Explorer

The new module for CVO Portal to explore historical data for RTLS, geofencing and alarm-SOS messaging.

Rich Multi-layered Mapping

Historical track, methane, temperature, network quality, employee details are displayed as extra layers in addition to the basic RTLS information.  Both raster and vector maps (AutoCAD) are supported by CVO Portal.

TensorFlow Ecosystem: Integrated

On-device framework with rich tooling from the TensorFlow ecosystem is used for motion recognition features.

New Protocols for Industrial IoT

Integrated ModBus, OPC UA and MQTT for communications with industrial automation systems – SCADA, PLC and HMI.

Some Screenshots: Leantegra CVO Portal

Untitled presentation (77) (1)

Personnel Map and Search


Historical Track

screen_cvo_2 (1)

Methane Heatmap

screen_cvo_3 (1)

Event Archive: RTLS, Alarms, Geofencing

screen_cvo_5 (1)

Partner Solutions

Working together with OEM and integrator partners to enable the most optimal solutions.

Industrial Wi-Fi with Fiber Backhaul

Networking solutions for underground mines from InPromTex. 

The most optimal transmission network for the tunnel RTLS (reverse BLE).

Smart Lamp Device

Feature-rich cap lamp device from InPromTex. 

Includes the tunnel RTLS, Wi-Fi connectivity, alarm-SOS messaging, sensors for methane-CO-temperature. Natively supported by Leantegra software.

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