Enterprise RTLS Platform

Enabling location services based on UWB, LTE, BLE and Wi-Fi.

Demo Videos

Some demonstrations of our features.

Why Leantegra?

Location + Proximity + Motion

Broad capabilities for location tracking, motion tracking or proximity-based applications. Use technologies based on BLE, UWB, Wi-Fi, GPS, IMU or TETRA for the most optimal solutions.

Own Hardware

Several models of RTLS anchors, RTLS tags and BLE beacons, which are designed and developed by Leantegra.

Complete Systems and Packages

Launch pilot projects from day #1 using the demo kits or custom configurations. Reduce time, expenses and risks.

3rd-party Hardware Support

Use your existing BLE beacons or RTLS tags with Leantegra software. 

Bundled Software Features (Flat Price)

Multiple software features are bundled in CVO Portal, Mobile SDK and Mobile Apps. No charging per feature, flat price for everything.  

Got BLE Beacons?

Use them with Leantegra software easily - 30 minutes for configuration.

Leantegra Solutions

Leantegra solutions are successfully installed in:

Supermarkets & Shopping Malls

Warehouses & Logistics Terminals

Industrial Areas

Automotive Centers & Companies


Latest news. Stay up-to-date.

Sync-free TDoA for UWB

We’ve completed designing, implementing and testing UWB A-TDoA (Asynchronous TDoA) algorithm, which enables low-power and scalable UWB RTLS without advanced clock synchronizations. Test Case #1

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