Leantegra – Industrial RTLS and Safety


We’re an engineering company for industrial RTLS and safety: hardware, software, systems engineering.

Complete Suite of RTLS Devices
Anchors, tags, gateways, embedded locators, ATEX-certified mining equipment.
On-Premise Server Software
Web portal and RTLS server with white-labeling possibilities.
E2E System for Underground Mines
Smart Lamp with RTLS features, ATEX-certified RTLS devices, web portal for mining scenarios, collision avoidance subsystem.
Broad Options for Customizations and Integrations
Custom enclosures and front panels for RTLS devices, integrations via MQTT, BLE GATT or REST API.
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Our Expertise

Industrial IoT Engineering

Domain Experience

Onsite Deployment and Testing

Helping customers and partners with onsite installations helps developing better products

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