Real-time location system for tracking assets or people. Indoors or outdoors.
Six technologies in one platform:

Supported Algorithms

Custom and patented algorithm for RSSI-based multilateration with advanced filtering and IMU data fusion. No fingerprinting or offline training phases – less installation efforts. Tested and proven to work in both LOS and NLOS environments with static and moving obstacles.

Pedestrian Dead Reckoning (PDR)
Low-power implementation of the motion tracking and recognition algorithms based on IMU. Suitable for battery-powered devices, such as BLE beacons, where power consumption and battery life are important questions.

Zone Tracking
Room-level or zone-level localization without providing precise coordinates. This option enables less hardware installations and more simplicity for projects, which don’t require high localization accuracy. Geofencing and analytics are supported for zone tracking too.

Map Matching
One of the features of CVO Portal, where you can drag&drop some points for matching RTLS data to the nearest points. Suitable for detecting and rendering important locations, while skipping less important ones. Can be also used for smoothing RTLS data in highly unstable RF environments with multiple obstacles.

Angle of Arrival (AoA)
Based on BLE 5.1 standard, which enables localization accuracy from 0.5 to 1 meter. Coming in Q1 2020 with the new model of Leantegra WiRange device.

Hardware and Technologies

The choice of supported RTLS hardware and technologies is broad:

  • Use BLE RTLS with Leantegra beacons and anchors for tracking with 1-3 meters accuracy.
  • Use BLE RTLS and 3rd-party beacons/tags from other vendors, such as Kontakt.io or Estimote.
  • Use UWB RTLS for high precision localization with 10-30 centimeters accuracy.
  • Leantegra Mobile SDK for smartphone-based localization and navigation: 1-2 meters accuracy.
  • Use Wi-Fi RTLS for tracking smartphones without any mobile apps: 3-4 meters accuracy. 
  • GPS tracking devices from Trackimo – integrated with CVO Portal.
  • Integrated TETRA protocols enable tracking of the radio terminals, such as Motorola TETRA devices.

Tracking with Leantegra Beacons

Tracking with 3rd-party Beacons and Tags

Leantegra_Tracking with SmartphonesCreated with Sketch.

Tracking with Smartphones

Tracking with TETRA Devices

RTLS Quality Checklist

Real-life RTLS deployments go far beyond the basic scenario about “pure LOS” (pure Line of Sight). The system must consider different scenarios with obstacles and other limitations, including a complete NLOS (Non Line of Sight) scenario, when all RTLS anchors are covered with obstacles. Motion specifics must be considered as well: staying, walking, rotating, running etc.

Our RTLS system and algorithms consider all such scenarios and limitations. Here is our main checklist for such scenarios: 

Coverage and Range


20-30 M

Mobile SDK Positioning

7-15 M


35-50 M


20-30 M

Leantegra RTLS Advantages

How are we different from other vendors?

Broad choice of technologies and hardware

Well-tested algorithms for LOS and NLOS scenarios

Bundled with Geofencing, Analytics, Navigation and other features

Drag&drop style management through CVO Portal


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