Jun 20, 2017
How Customer Purchasing Data Can Save Traditional Stores from Bankruptcy

Earlier this year The Wall Street Journal reported on the record number of brick-and-mortar store closures that are hitting the US in 2017. For example, Bebe Store Inc., a women's clothing retailer, is shutting down 170 physical locations and transferring its activities to online.

By Olga Rusnak

Jun 15, 2017
White Paper: A Roadmap to Make Proximity Marketing Work for your Business

Become a real Guru in Proximity Marketing! ​Follow the link below to download the first Leantegra Proximity Marketing White Paper!

By Olga Rusnak

Jun 14, 2017
Leantegra: Key Updates in 2017

As we approach the equator of 2017 it might be a good time to summarize our recent achievements, current market trends and to provide a 'sneak peek' at some upcoming announcements here at Leantegra.

By Oleg Puzanov

May 10, 2017
Trying the Physical Web for iOS with WiBeat BLE Beacons

Do you believe that street objects, museum collections, or exhibition booths can ‘speak to you’ via your smart device? Or that smartphone can help us interact with our immediate surroundings? Did you also know that you don’t need to install an extra mobile app for that?

By Olga Rusnak

Apr 27, 2017
Welcome Proximity Marketing Pilot App!

​Thinking about launching a Proximity Pilot project? Do you consider that a requirement for a mobile app is an obstacle for your case? Don't worry! We have good news for you!

By Olga Rusnak

Apr 24, 2017
Leantegra Solution to Advance Safety Conditions in Underground Mines

How many miners get injured in mine accidents? And how many of them survive, while others get trapped waiting for rescue to arrive?

By Olga Rusnak