Release R11: Performance and Quality Improvements

We’re about to publish and to announce R11 version of Leantegra CVO Platform, which will become our eleventh (!) major release of software and hardware. It will also become the largest release ever in terms of the amount of features, changes and enhancements. Tons of code in JavaScript, C/C++, Java, Objective-C, Swift and also the new PCB designs for our devices. The detailed scope of R11 will be covered in the official announcement. 

One important detail to be mentioned about R11 release – it includes multiple enhancements to the existing features, such as RTLS and indoor navigation. Latencies, battery consumption, location accuracy, NLOS penetration and other characteristics have been polished and optimized. 

Here is the detailed list:

#1 – Speed of Indoor Routing for the Mobile SDK

  • Up to 20x times faster generation of the indoor routes! 
  • Now it takes just 1-2 seconds to generate even long and complex routes.
  • Migrated the vector map processing logic from the SDK to the server side.
  • Updated the SDK code to support the new API and formats for indoor routing.

#2 – Significant Power Optimization for BLE and UWB Devices

  • Up to 5x times longer battery life for BLE beacons, when used for RTLS or Zone Tracking.
  • Up to 10x times longer battery life for UWB location tags, even in TWR mode.
  • Adaptive blink rate, based on the built-in accelerometer and the motion recognition algorithms.
  • Less power drain in the sleep modes for both BLE and UWB devices.

#3 – Better Support for 3rd-party Devices 

  • Multiple tests and optimizations for, Minew and Chipolo beacons.
  • Vendor-specific fields and protocol parameters are supported by WiRange devices and our servers.
  • Shipped demo kits and more advanced systems with 3rd-party beacons to our customers.

#4 – NLOS Accuracy and Stability for UWB and BLE RTLS 

  • Invested almost 5 months in testing and optimizing NLOS scenarios (Non Line of Sight).
  • Multiple pilots and tests at the customer premises, such as warehouses and logistics terminals.
  • Carrying the location tags inside pockets, clothes and even inside trucks – successful test results!
  • Integrated IMU data fusion and motion tracking for UWB and BLE RTLS – better stability and accuracy for NLOS. 

#5 – Decoupling RTLS Anchor Software from Hardware

  • Now our software stack for WiRange can run on multiple Linux platforms and devices. It means more flexible, more optimized and even much cheaper hardware for RTLS anchors.
  • BeagleBone Black, Raspberry Pi or your custom hardware can be used for RTLS anchors with Leantegra HW modules and antennas.
  • Possible to achieve sub $50 price per BLE anchor and sub $60 price for UWB anchor!
  • All such devices are natively integrated with CVO Portal and all server-side features.

 #6 – Better Monitoring and Configuration of Devices

  • Remote configuration and monitoring on CVO Portal: battery level for BLE beacons, config parameters for WiRange devices etc.
  • Better BLE GATT support for the remote control of BLE beacons – both mobile apps and WiRange devices.
  • Remote notifications – LED blinking on BLE beacons. 

Yes, this list doesn’t contain any new features, which we have in R11 (e.g. “Alerts” module in CVO Portal). But you will be able to see and to try them on the demo portal soon 😉 Please stay tuned.

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