CVO Platform

An enterprise-grade IoT platform for location and motion intelligence.

CVO (Connected Venue Operator)
Platform Solutions

Proximity Marketing

Manage Proximity Marketing campaigns and assess their results.


Track real-time positioning of individuals and assets.

Location Analytics

Collect, process and analyze indoor-outdoor location data.

Leantegra CVO Platform

The platform is equipped with a Leantegra proprietary multi-protocol RTLS engine which supports BLE, Wi-Fi, UWB, GPS and TETRA wireless technologies and can communicate with:

Location Tags




Comprehensive Platform for Business and Developers

CVO Platform provides in-depth analytics and event propagation and is, therefore, applicable for advanced data-driven automation scenarios. The User Management System ensures a completely secure environment.

Moreover, the Leantegra platform is a developer-friendly system that leverages REST API, iOS and Android SDK to integrate with mobile and web applications, as well as third-party enterprise systems.

After all, having all Location and Campaign Analytics at hand enables thoughtful And based on real data decision-making.

CVO Platform

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