Discover real-time location data using Wi-Fi, BLE or UWB. Three different technologies and use cases in one RTLS solution.

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Real-time Location System

a unique product from Leantegra, which supports location tracking with smartphones and location tags. Our patented algorithms work without fingerprinting and without mobile apps - fewer installation efforts, broader smartphone coverage.

Asset tracking is enabled through BLE or UWB location tags, with no smartphones required. Use WiBeat devices as location tags for tracking shopping carts, equipment, employees, etc.

Add powerful features to your mobile apps with Leantegra SDK for Android and iOS - indoor maps and positioning based on BLE beacons.

WiRange Wireless Gateway

A minimum of three WiRange devices is required for a simple RTLS installation. The primary task of WiRange is to detect wireless signals from smart devices and location tags (WiBeat BLE), process the range of information and pass it over to Leantegra PowerGate for RTLS data calculations.

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RTLS Benefits

  • Measure and increase operational efficiency
  • Enhance asset management
  • Monitor movements of assets and individuals
  • Ensure security of premises and assets
  • Improve customer service and increase satisfaction
  • Optimize the staffing levels required at a particular area
  • Simplify the process of rental property rate calculation

Complete System for RTLS

A typical RTLS system combines all components and features in one solution, integrated and ready to use.

Wireless Technologies for RTLS

Depending on your business case
and technical requirements, Leantegra offers:

  • BLE RTLS with 2-4 meters accuracy
  • Wi-Fi RTLS with 2-4 meters accuracy
  • UWB RTLS with 10-20 cm accuracy

RTLS Differentiation

The Leantegra RTLS provides:

  • 1.
    High location accuracy
  • 2.
    No requirement for a nearby
    Wi-Fi network
  • 3.
    No need for a mobile application
  • 4.
    Support of Wi-Fi, BLE & UWB wireless technologies
  • 5.
    Easy to manage RTLS software
  • 6.
    Rich Location Analytics metrics

RTLS Use Cases

Asset tracking
The Leantegra location tags - WiBeats BLE and WiBeats UWB - can be used for fine-grained asset tracking and Location Analytics. For example, WiBeats attached to shopping carts or baskets provide location-based customer insights, and show client routes inside a store. If attached to a moving asset, it demonstrates how assets change their positions within a specified area in real time.
Indoor mapping
The Leantegra SDK and BLE beacons enable smartphone-based indoor positioning, supplying the foundation for indoor mapping and navigation scenarios. For example, a customer will be able to find a food court area on a shopping mall mobile application map and build a route to it. Providing a customer with an opportunity to seamlessly navigate inside a store improves customer experience and grows loyalty.
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