WiBeat UWB

is a battery-powered Ultra-wideband (3.5-6.5 GHz) location tag.

WiBeat UWB Beacon Features

High precision range
~10-20 centimeters for LoS
IP66 compliant
industrial-grade design
Remotely managed
by Leantegra WiRange
compliant UWB module
Programmable button
with LED
Blink rate
0.1 Hz - 10 Hz
LoS coverage
up to 100 meters
Replaceable battery
life time of up to 2 years
Attached to an asset
or weared as a badge, a belt clip, a bracelet, etc.

Leantegra UWB Beacon Benefits

Wider Area Coverage
The Ultra-wideband technology with its large bandwidth and wide range permits coverage of larger areas with fewer devices.
Programmable Button
The button, equipped with a light-emitting diode (LED) is programmed to turn WiBeat UWB on or off, choose a mode (iBeacon, Eddystone or hybrid location tag), or perform a battery status check.
Remote Management
Proprietary UWB protocol for remote monitoring, configuration and firmware upgrades via WiRange.
Low Power Consumption
The configurable transmission power and blink rate ensure optimal battery life performance.

UWB Beacon Use Cases

UWB location tags are widely used in Industrial
Manufacturing, Warehousing and Retail, enabling:

Down to 10-20 cm accuracy of asset and personnel tracking
Precise customer in-store
Fine-grained statistics for each brand or shopping area.

Attach WiBeat UWB location tag to assets or individuals and get highly
accurate location-based data for your business in no time!

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